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Tag: Josh Jenkins

The Final Weekend Weather Segment

(Hour 3a) Rich opened up the final of the show by taking a call from his wife Jennifer, who conveyed her feeling about the decision to transition out of the radio station.  He then thanked Josh for his participation on the show and took a call from Meteorologist Al Kaprielian, who shared the weekend weather.  Tune in to get all of the details!...

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Nineties Television Trivia

(Hours 2b,3a) Guest hosts BJ Perry and Tyler Clark tackled nineties television trivia as BJ tested Tyler and Josh on their knowledge of show opening music.  Tune in to hear all about it! (Hour 3a) BJ and Tyler spoke to Ross Berry, starting by testing his knowledge of television music openers.  They then spoke about this weekend’s NASCAR race.  Finally, they shared about their favorite hot dog establishments....

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One big happy family

(Hour 1a) This segment began with a playful recap of Rich and the crew’s Memorial Day experiences, and a gentle poke at Josh’s choice of hat.  Our stalwart intern, Sara, gave us a glimpse of the tribulation a member of a marching band experiences, and we got a brief lesson on progressive reform, Woodrow Wilson...

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