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Defining Domicile and Interference in the Fight Against Voter Fraud

(Hours 1c,2a,b) Guest host Greg Mason talked to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, for A Question of Voter Fraud.  After speaking about music, Ed addressed the interpretation of ‘domicile.’  They discussed double standards, fraudulent voters and more.  Tune in to get the details! (Hour 2a) As Ed continued with Greg he brought up the re-interpretation of a court case that addresses the prevention of college students from voting in the Granite State.  They wondered about the use of ‘domicile’ in areas outside of voting law, the call for Secretary of State Bill Gardner’s resignation and...

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Domicile Deliberation: Why Not to Support Senate Bill 3

(Hours 2a,b) Rich dedicated the segment to informing the listeners about why they should not support Senate Bill 3.  He talked about a lack of required information when registering to vote and living in a dorm as a demonstration of intent to make a permanent place for voting purposes.  Tune in to hear more about    (Hour 2b) As Rich proceeded with the topic his continued to discuss domicile for voting purposes.  “This law fixes the problem of illegal voting in New Hampshire, because it legalizes what under the law is not legal behavior,” he said.  He also talked...

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Voter Rights and Defining Domicile

(Hour 3a) Rich informed the listeners about the interaction between himself and a listener on Twitter, who disagrees with his stance on voting rights.  He commented on the definition of domicile and shared about the temptation to vote when he was in college.  He then read directly from the New Hampshire Constitution.  Tune in for all of the details. Click here to view the NH Constitution. ...

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Naile Backs Sen. Carson’s bill to clamp down on voter fraud

Ed Naile, anchor of the Girard at Large “A Question of Voter Fraud” segment and Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers threw his support behind SB 4, a bill proposed by Senate Judiciary Chair Sen. Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry) to clamp down on voter fraud.  We publish his testimony as submitted to committee.  ~Publis My Apologies To Senator Sharon Carson For Missing SB4 Testimony Senator Sharon Carson is the prime sponsor of SB4 which would clarify the one word more than any other in the entire English language (beside “fair”) that is a stumbling block no Legislator or public official can come to terms with, the word “domicile.” In Black’s Law Dictionary, Edition #4 you will see the word defined as the rest of the United States sees it. So that NH can get past the mystery that is the meaning of “domicile” and not have to purge non-resident voters from our NH voter checklists who may languish there for a decade, Senator Carson has drafted this bill. I support it and was involved with a “well intentioned” bill aimed at gutting the Right to Know Law next door at the House of Representatives. So I apologize for not being on time to testify in favor of SB4. Here is part of Senator Carson’s press release. It deserves repeating: Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry), the prime bill sponsor, released a...

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NH Voter Fraud: Digging Up Facts for Legal Arguments

(Hour 1c) Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman Ed Naile is still waiting for an apology from the Milford Cabinet on the Jared Cram Voter Fraud case. He won’t hold his breath waiting.  Naile is used to having the evidence of out-of-state ballot thieves ignored.  And not just by the media. Naile made the legal argument against Cram and another NH vote fraudster named Charles Matthews from Somerville, MA. Naile discussed the ways they pursue non-residents voting here and the methods they employ to counteract legal authorities that won’t prosecute Voter...

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NH Voter Fraud: Gross Violation by PA Attorney

(Hour 1c) Just when you thought Voter Fraud in our state couldn’t get any more bizarre… Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, revealed another out-of-state Ballot Thief: an ATTORNEY from the State of PA whose parents live here.  We can’t help but wonder if his folks vote in more than one state, too. Not only has this guy been voting here since 2005, he wrote an extensive story about it.  Oh My HEAD! Naile explained why lawyers tend to have the lowest respect for the law.  Apparently they have much in common with activist judges who...

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Voter Fraud: Scott Brown Jokes, NH Election System A Joke

(Hour 1c) Ed Naile from the Coalition of NH Taxpayers doesn’t see much humor in Voter Fraud.  He takes it dead seriously, and believes candidates like Scott Brown should too. Ed thinks the real joke is NH Democrats feigning outrage when they don’t just joke about Voter Fraud, they outright organize it. Not to mention, former Judge John Lewis enabled it to happen as well. And CNHT can prove it. Caitlin Ann Legacki voted in NH and Missouri and was found to be an active voter in NC too. Ed is still waiting to hear from Reagan George of...

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NH Voter Fraud: Calling Out The College Cozeners

(Hour 1c) Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers echoed Rich’s comments on the lax voter registration laws in our state. Naile called out Hannah Rivers, a young lady from Kansas that doesn’t live here, but goes to college at the University of New Hampshire.  And votes here.  Rivers sued the State of NH for “disenfranchising” her and other out of state students that vote here.  Even though they don’t live here. Rich read a notice posted at the NH DMV requiring a photo ID for all motor vehicle transactions.  Photo ID’s required to register your car but not...

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NH Voter Fraud: Activists Undeterred by Activist Judges

(Hour 1c) Ed Naile from the Coalition of NH Taxpayers sounded off on the “illegal, stupid” ruling on NH Residency Rules on Voter Registration made by Judge Brian Tucker. Tucker, formerly of the NH Attorney General’s office (surprise surprise) succeeded Judge John Lewis in Strafford County and he’s carrying the same activist torch that Lewis did, supporting ACLU and League of Women Voters groups and non-resident voters. CBS Boston carried the story of Judge Tucker’s decision to allow these non-resident college students to vote in NH. Find out why Ed disagrees with Gilles Bissonette’s comments on the story. Naile...

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On Air News Read for April 17, 2014

04-17-2014 News The Hooksett School Board set the stage for a coming public hearing intended to quote unquote “understand the vote” cast during the recent election against the tuition contract with Pinkerton Academy.  A subcommittee of the board comprised of John Lyscars and Todd Lizotte presented two options; one an open forum where folks could just come to the mic and speak and the other where participants would be given different colored tickets to place in themed boxes that said stuff like “I Just really really love Manchester schools” or “the last school board was soooo bad, I wasn’t gonna vote for anything it wanted.”  Ultimately, they decided just to let people have their say, though Board Vice Chair Amy Boilard said she doubted anyone opposed to the contract was going to attend the session.  Board member Mike Berry pushed to have parents of students notified by the district of the coming hearing, which got some push back from Board Chair Joanne McHugh who said the forum was intended to be for the community as a whole, not just the parents of kids in the school.  Board Member James Sullivan observed a number of elderly folks voting that day and wondered whether or not they could really be effectively notified of the opportunity.  The hearing, which no doubt will be laden with folks from the pro-Pinkerton ONLY crowd, is...

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