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UNH, surveys on children, and who is looking out for them? WARNING to PARENTS

Now that New Hampshire has a law (signed by Governor Sununu in 2017) that requires informed written consent from parents/guardians before a school district can administer a non-academic survey, I wanted to share an e-mail exchange between a professor at the University of New Hampshire and myself regarding a survey that is going to be given to students in Keene. I started by sending a “right to know” request to the Professor at UNH and administrator at the Keene School District. These emails were copied to administrators and school board members in Keene, the NH House and Senate Education...

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Robin Hood of Keene and Northern Pass

(Hour 1b) Guest host Brian “Bulldog” Tilton started the segment by informing the listeners about a suit that the city of Keene filed against the group “Robin Hood of Keene.”  He then spoke about Northern Pass and the battle that is brewing.  Finally, he took a call from Eddy concerning electric rates. Click here for the mentioned...

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Gateways to a Better Education writes SAU29: No need to censor “Christmas”

After Keene’s Superintendent censored the word “Christmas” from a flyer announcing a Christmas Tree lighting in Marlborough, NH,  the story is now making the rounds in the press. Gateways to Better Education is a great resource for parents, students, teachers and school personnel across the United States. Gateways has been helping to educate people who mistakenly believe they must check their religious beliefs at the school’s front door. Their vision statement: “OUR VISION – We envision public schools as places where students feel the freedom to express their faith and where they gain an academic appreciation for the Bible and Christianity across the whole curriculum as it relates to history, culture, and values. We show educators how to do this legally and appropriately within existing constitutional boundaries and in keeping with current laws and state standards.” Gateways recently sent a letter to the Superintendent in an effort to correct his misunderstanding of the U.S. Constitution as it relates to school districts and censoring the word “Christmas” out of community flyers. For parents who are concerned about this kind of censorship in the schools, Gateways, Cornerstone Policy Research and Alliance Defending Freedom are all excellent resources. The letter Gateways to Better Education sent to Superintendent Robert Malay: Dear Superintendent Malay, I’m sure your office is getting lots of “heat” over the recent Christmas flyer situation. As an organization clarifying religious rights and the so-called “separation of church and...

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CENSORING Information From Parents in Keene?

Parents across New Hampshire have been running into resistance from school administrators when notifying their district that their children will not be taking the new Common Core “Smarter Balanced Assessment” this month.   I’ve heard from parents in Hampton who had to seek legal counsel to exercise their rights to refuse and many others who’ve had to push back in order to get the administration to honor their directive.   Parents are also requesting that their school administrators inform parents that they do have this right to refuse and some schools like Manchester did notifiy parents. Parents are well informed on the numerous problems with the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  From the data collection of information that will be sent to the Federal Government, to the critiques on how the Smarter Balanced Math Assessment is fatally flawed and should not be used, parents are not comfortable with their children taking this assessment. This harsh critique by Nashua Teachers on the Smarter Balanced Assessment still disturbs many parents.   Nashua teachers reported: *Shockingly negative experience.  *Totally grade level inappropriate; difficult even for some teachers with advanced degrees. *Seems the test was designed more as a psychological or sociological experiment, not as a measure of academic learning. Who created this test, anyway? It couldn’t have been by professional educators. *This would be a crushing emotional experience for my students. *It is nothing less than...

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