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Bullying and MSD’s New Books

(Hour 3b) Rich spoke about his opposition for the new books that have been introduced to the Manchester School District’s curriculum.  He reminded the listeners about the bullying lesson at Halsville School and talked...

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Maria Brown runs in Ward 7

(Hours 2a&b) Maria Brown, candidate for school board in Ward 7, came on the show to inform us of her candidacy.  In the first segment she gave us the details that caused her to run. (Hour 2b) Marie shared with us ways that...

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Hallsville big wig moves on

(Hour 1a)  This morning Rich started off by alerting his large and loyal audience that he slept past his alarm and doesn’t have his phone with him.  He went on to discuss the Manchester school board meeting last night...

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The Ward 5 race

(Hour 1a) Primarily an overview of today’s topics, with an eye to all things Ward 5.  Will we ultimately learn anything useful about the new math program, or is it still anybody’s guess? Also, a new independent...

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Hallsville: Permission granted?

(Hour 2a) In this segment, we learn more details about the increased dissatisfaction felt by parents, and our Humble Host over the deeply flawed response to one parent’s request for an independent investigation regarding...

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