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Manchester Proud: An objective effort or a stacked deck?

Now that serious, undisclosed conflicts between Manchester Proud and Reaching Higher NH have been exposed, very serious questions about the integrity and direction of this effort to develop a strategic plan for the Manchester School District have to be asked.  Over and over again, leaders of Manchester Proud have emphatically stated they have no agenda, no political affiliations, no bias and no predetermined outcomes.  They have asserted their efforts will be guided by the input they receive from stakeholders across the city.  Those assurances have come  in response to questions and concerns I have consistently raised both privately and...

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Tessier’s confidentiality breach goes beyond school board and district personnel

The leak of confidential personnel information by at-Large Manchester Board of School Committeewoman Nancy Tessier has gone beyond the school board and the personnel members she copied in her email regarding the content of a non-public meeting on September 11, 2017.  The breach has been the subject of editorials written by at-Large Committeeman and Girard at Large Radio Show Host Rich Girard and Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman Ed Naile and a complaint that’s been filed under the city’s charter.  Girard has also discussed it extensively on his radio show. Now, thanks to a letter to the editor published...

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Queen City Candidate Rundown

(Hour 2a) Rich dedicated the segment to further review the Queen City races as they’re shaping up.  He informed the listeners about Manchester’s crazy system, speaking about those who are running for positions within all of the Wards.  He then shared his opinion on likely winners of certain races and pointed out where some races might be tight, before taking a call from Eddy in Manchester.  Tune in to get the details!...

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2017 Elections: Rundown of the Queen City Candidates

(Hours 2a,b) Rich gave the listeners a rundown of the upcoming Queen City elections.  He went Ward by Ward, discussing those who have filed for office and sharing his opinion on individual races.  He expressed his increased interest in the Ward 2 race between Will Stewart and Paul Marineau and more.  Tune in to get the details! (Hour 2b) Rich continued in his discussion, beginning where he left off in Ward 6.  He commented on the races and encouraged the listeners to run for office if they are less than excited about their options....

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Queen City Election Season: Candidate Speculation

(Hours 2a,b) Rich talked about the upcoming election season, beginning by commenting on a change on how the Welfare Commissioner position is gained.  He then spoke about the Mayoral race, before speculating on both the Aldermanic and School Board races throughout Manchester’s Wards 1 – 6.    (Hour 2b) Rich continued where he left off in the previous segment, informing the listeners about Wards 7 and on.  He gave an update on the Tom Katsiantonis controversy, outrage over Charter breeches, the Humble Host’s official announcement concerning his decision for the race and more.  Tune in to get the rundown!...

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State Reps Burt and Sullivan Tackle Kenogarten and the State Budget

(Hours 2b,c) Rich talked to State Representatives John Burt and Victoria Sullivan for the Under the Golden Dome segment.  In dealing with the budget, they started the conversation by discussing full time daycare and the Kenogarten bill.  They pointed out where some of the elected officials stand on the issue, and wondered about the effect on statewide property tax.  Finally, Rich shared his thoughts concerning the restriction of funding and more. (Hour 2c) As Rich continued with State Reps Burt and Sullivan they tackled the state budget.  Rich wondered if the Republican Party has enough votes to pass the...

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The Kindergarten Bill, Hot Dog Day and the Gambling Bill

(Hour 2b) Rich talked to State Representatives Victoria Sullivan and John Burt for the Under the Golden Dome segment.  State Rep Sullivan began the segment by speaking about the kindergarten bill, sharing about the original intent of kindergarten, the fate of her amendment to the bill and Terry Wolf’s amendment.  Finally, they discussed the upcoming Hot Dog Day and the gambling bill. Click here for more information about Senate Bill 191....

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State Rep Hoell on HB 1414

(Hour 2b) We talked to State Representative Jr Hoell of Dunbarton and Bow this morning.  He talked about House Bill 1414 and his attempt to do away with the Home Education Advisory Council.  They talked about the Council’s rule making authority and shared about HB 1414’s support from home school families.  They talked about the NH Department of Education and their attempt to usurp more control. s  ...

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Second Annual Turkey Awards!

(Hours 3a,b) We were joined this morning by’s Kimberly Morin for Political Buzz.  She shared with us those who won Turkey Awards (Turkey: Something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful.  A loser; an uncoordinated, inept, clumsy fool.  A tool; a person who is not in with current culture and slang or is just generally uncool).  Tune in to hear about the first half of the award winners! (Hour 3b) Kimberly joined us for a second segment to continue with the Turkey Awards.  Tune in to hear about the political parties, government-funded organizations, clergy, politicians and MORE who won awards....

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On Air News Read for October 14, 2015

State Senator David Boutin, Republican from Hooksett, and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, Republican from Wolfeboro, announced the details of legislation they’ve filed to establish a statewide grant program for counties interested in operating drug courts at a news conference yesterday at City Hall in Manchester. Depending on the size of the county, the state would provide fifty percent of the funding for drug courts up to two hundred forty five thousand dollars on a dollar for dollar matching basis.  Boutin and Bradley both said that the legislation was being brought forward at the persistent urging of Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, whom they called a leading voice in the state for establishing drug courts.  The failure of the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation to fund a drug court for the Northern District was also a factor leading to the legislation, with Bradley acknowledging the state has a larger role to play in combating the out of control crisis in the state. Bradley said there was near unanimous co-sponsorship of the measure in the senate and strong bi-partisan support in the House. In thanking the senators for bringing the legislation forward, Gatsas urged the General Court to fast track the legislation and hinted they should call a special session of the legislature to address the legislation, rather than wait for the normal legislative process to unfold.  He said it was about saving lives...

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