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Tag: Nancy West

InDepthNH Founder on Northern Pass, Debtors Prisons, Etc.

(Hour 3a) Guest host Brian “Bulldog” Tilton spoke to Nancy West, Founder of  They started the segment by informing the listeners about Nancy, before they discussed Northern Pass.  They then shared about the sight evaluation committee, debtors prisons and more. Click here for more information. ...

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Mayor Gatsas on Parking, Roads and Economic Development

(Hours 3b,c) Guest host Brian “Bulldog” Tilton spoke to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  The discussion tackled the following issues:  Gubernatorial Race Parking in Manchester Licensing for Tow Truck Operators Opioid Epidemic  (Hour 3c) Bulldog and the Mayor continued with: Hope for New Legislature Manchester’s Roads Economic Development Keeping Young Adults in NH...

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Cat Out of the Bag for Right to Know Joe

(Hour 1a, b, Hour 2a) Rich dropped a couple of big bombs on Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur in lieu of new info about Right to Know requests made at City Hall and an unbelievable OOPS! moment on Joe’s own TV show last night made by Dog Park Friend Jon Hopwood.  Did Hopwood let the cat out of the bag on an association Levasseur has publicly denied having (2a)? Click here to read the Right to Know requests we reference in the audio archive below. (Hour 1a, b) 02-27-2014 Hour 1a, b (Hour 2a) 02-27-2014 Hour...

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Filed Injunction, Intimidation by Alderman Levasseur

(Hour 2a, Hour 3a) Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur stopped by our humble host’s home yesterday to pay him the “courtesy” of a court injunction he’s filed.  Was it also an attempt to intimidate?  Tune in for the details and Rich’s response (hint: Rich isn’t intimidated and neither is Mrs. Girard). Read more in the On Air News Read Publisher’s NOTE:  Since publishing this story, Girard at Large has learned that Union Leader reporter Nancy West did in fact obtain the material from the city’s Information Systems Department and, as we did, went there with a thumb drive to...

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Social media benefits; reporters who get, but don’t report, B & N helps schools

(Hour 1a) We kicked off the show with a grabbag of topics.  Social media and it’s benefit to adorable local radio shows.  Union Leader reporters that apple pick what they report.  Birthday kudos to Patrice Benard and Roger Beauchamp.  A program by Barnes & Noble to help local schools.  And 90.7 FM WLMW’s NEW & IMPROVED radio signal! 12-12-2013 Hour...

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