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How The NH School Boards Association Put Children At Risk for Sexual Assault

Most school districts pay the New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA) dues out of the school budget.  This means that taxpayers are funding a lobbying organization that promoted a policy that put every child in New Hampshire at risk of sexual assault.  The NHSBA sent a model policy to school districts that paid dues to their organization. Several school boards then adopted the policy based on their recommendation.   That policy changed the bathroom policy for transgender and gender non-conforming students and, put all children at risk for sexual assault. Parents have been concerned for their children now that these...

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Look Who’s Fighting Against Parental Rights, AGAIN! AND YOU PAY THEM

The hearing on HB 103 took place this week in the Senate Education Committee.  The usual suspects were there to oppose parental rights.  HB 103 would require notification when sexual education would be taught to their children.  Anytime you try to inform or involve parents in the sex education of their children, the same people tend to show up and oppose that.  The worst part is, you probably PAY THEIR SALARY. Who showed up to testify against parental rights this time? 1) Carl Ladd, New Hampshire School Administrators Association (5:15) NHSAA 2) Barrett Christina, New Hampshire School Boards Association (9:32) NHSBA...

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Boys to shower with girls in NH schools?

Local schools are supposed to be run by local taxpayers and parents.  Now bureaucrats in Washington D.C. believe they can determine who enters the bathroom with your son or daughter, even if that person happens to be of the opposite sex. The New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA) drafted a model policy for school boards to adopt.  New Hampshire parents and taxpayers never asked for this kind of a new policy.  Instead the U.S. Department of Education, using their threats of intimidation and coercion, are now informing schools that they need to develop a new non-discrimination policy for transgender students based on Title IX. AND, if they don’t develop these new policies, they risk losing Title IX funding. The Candia proposed policy is based on a model policy coming from the New Hampshire School Boards Association.  The Candia School Board will be discussing this at a school board meeting on April 7th at 6pm in the Moore Cafeteria.  This new policy has already caused some concern for parents in the district. The policy first requires that all programs activities and employment be free from discrimination based on sex, sexual preference and gender identity.  This leaves out a large number of individuals who may be discriminated against.  For instance, where is the provision for religion or body type ? Those who subscribe to religious beliefs or have to manage a weight issue...

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Who are you paying to fight against PARENTAL RIGHTS in NH?

Today there was a hearing on HB1231 before the House Education Committee.  HB1231 requires school districts to provide advance notice to parents and legal guardians of course material involving discussion of human sexuality or human sexual education along with drug and alcohol education. This is a “parental rights” piece of legislation that is needed in New Hampshire since many parents have not been notified prior to discussions on these important topics. One would wonder, who could possibly oppose legislation that supports parental rights?  Sadly there are a few, and you might be surprised to find out, you pay their salary. Below is a video of Dean Michener from the New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA).  He starts out by telling the committee members why the NHSBA opposes local public schools notifying parents when these topics will be discussed with their children. Parents may recall that recently there was legislation (SB369) proposed by Senator Nancy Stiles (R) that would force drug and alcohol education on children as young as five years old.  That Bill was passed by the New Hampshire Senate but was amended to remove the unfunded mandate she was proposing and instead suggest that schools “should” teach children about drugs and alcohol to children k-12. I suspect that this legislation will go through and be signed by Governor Hassan. If HB1231 were to be signed into law, this would ensure that...

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