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Tag: No Child Left Behind

A Conversation About ESSA

(Hour 1b) Rich gave us a look at the show’s calendar.  He told us about a run in with Valana Suarez at the gym and dinner with Sid and Shelly Glassner.  He talked to us about the heat that Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and...

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Maria Brown runs in Ward 7

(Hours 2a&b) Maria Brown, candidate for school board in Ward 7, came on the show to inform us of her candidacy.  In the first segment she gave us the details that caused her to run. (Hour 2b) Marie shared with us ways that...

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Rep Boehm on education issues

(Hours 2b&c) This morning we were joined by State Representative Ralph Boehm.  Representative Boehm, who is on the education committee, joined to talk about pending education issues.  Rich detailed his run for school board...

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No voter left behind

(Hour 3b) In this segment Rich discussed the opt out issue.  He listed a number of presidential candidates, among others, who voted against parental rights.  “We give up too soon,” Rich said.  We need to stand up for...

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