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School’s Starting: Time To Refuse The Standardized Tests (Don’t Be Misled By Superintendents)

You would think that after many parents in New Hampshire have refused to let their children take the standardize test, school administrators would lighten up a bit and stop bullying and misleading parents. I do have to mention that some parents are reporting that when they refuse to let their children take the standardized tests, some administrators have been receptive and honor their requests without hesitation. 

Unfortunately, this is not true for other parents in New Hampshire. Here is a letter sent to parents by Dr. Laura H. Nelson, Superintendent of Derry Schools in New Hampshire. There seems to...

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Stop Psychological Profiling Through Standardized Testing

Legislation was proposed in an effort to give more flexibility to schools on the standardized assessments used in New Hampshire schools.  However with the new federal law (ESSA) Every Student Succeeds Act, it looks like local control in testing is just a dream. Who voted for ESSA?  Senators Ayotte and Shaheen along with Congresswoman Kuster. Who voted against ESSA? Congressman Guinta (make sure you thank him) After looking at what ESSA forces on students in terms of “standardized testing, I expect to see even MORE parents refuse to  let their children take them. What standardized assessments does New Hampshire use? Smarter Balanced Assessment and PACE (in some districts) To the Chairman and Members of the House Education Committee: My name is Ann Marie Banfield and I am the Education Liaison for Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire. We represent more than 6,000 New Hampshire residents and I come before you today in opposition of HB1240. The intent of HB1240 appears to give flexibility to local schools when assessing students. I’m afraid the reality of HB 1240, doesn’t do that. I don’t believe we will get the autonomy I’d like to see if this bill were to pass. HB1240 does give the appearance of supporting local control when choosing assessments, however with the recent passage of ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act, that control is lost. ESSA language on assessments is lengthy and any autonomy...

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Diane Sekula, the teacher who found it professionally unacceptable to continue her teaching career in light of the demands put upon her teaching by the Common Core Standards and the High-Stakes testing regimen visited with Sid in the studio today.  This was Diane’s second appearance and not her last.  Her message about the devaluation of teaching and learning that is happening in our classrooms today will remain in place until irrelevant federal demands are replaced with logical and sensible local control of our schools.  Not only are our students being deprived of sound educational experiences but our teachers are being prevented from practicing their profession in a manner that meets the needs of all students. Part 1: Part 2: Part...

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