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Girard Backs SB 193

Below is testimony at-Large Manchester Board of School Committee Member Richard H. Girard offered at a May 1, 2018 press conference in Support of Senate Bill 193 at the Legislative Office Building in  Concord, NH. Good morning, everyone. My name is Richard Girard and it is my honor to be serving a second term representing all of the people of Manchester as an at-Large member of its Board of School Committee.  While my board has seen fit to oppose Senate Bill 1 9 3 out of fear it will cause the city to quote un quote lose money, I...

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SAU93 Monadnock’s Superintendent wants the best quality education for her kids, just not for your children

Monadnock’s Superintendent wants the best quality education for her kids, just not for your children.  (See her letter below) There is a heated battle taking place in New Hampshire right now.  SB193 is a proposed bill that would set up Education Savings Accounts for families so they could access funding for their child to use at the school of their choice. Most Superintendents send some students to specialized schools outside the district if they  believe it will help those  children .  For instance, if a school does not have the capacity to educate a child with a severe disability, that...

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On Air News Read for November 16, 2017

Now, on to our top story of the morning.  Yesterday was the start of the Winter Parking Ban in Merrimack.  No parking allowed on public streets between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.  We would have told you yesterday, but the press release wasn’t sent until after five last night.  The Merrimack Police Department offered its thanks in advance for helping to keep the town’s streets safe during the winter months. Eversource business and residential customers continue to pick up their phones and open their doors to find individuals falsely claiming to be “representatives” or “employees” of the company.  The...

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Senate Bill 193: Revisions, Union Opposition, Etc.

(Hour 1b) Rich talked about revisions to Senate Bill 193, which is the Education Savings Account bill.  He spoke about Union opposition, before telling the listeners about Manchester School Board member Barbara Shaw’s stance on the bill.  He and frequent show listener John Sartorelli then discussed the educational benefits of homeschooling, changes to the bill in order to pass it, and more.  Tune in to get all of the...

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GAL: Humbled and Opposed

(Hour 2a) Rich started the hour by thanking those who have contributed to the show in some way and explained why it’s hard for him to not feel humbled and honored.  He then shared about opposition to the show and told the listeners about threats towards Manchester School District Superintendent Bolgen Vargas.  Tune in to get all of the details!...

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Senate Bill 193: Addressing School Choice

(Hours 2b,3a) Rich talked about Senate Bill 193.  He pointed out the opinion of James Madison and the Founding Fathers concerning education and addressed the educational system that requires conformity.  He addressed the criticisms of alternative methods of learning and spoke about the government’s system in teaching children, before taking a call from Eddy in Manchester, who inquired about the drawbacks to STEAM education.  Tune in to get all of the details! (Hour 3a) Rich started the hour by talking about Superintendent Bolgen Vargas, pointing out that he informed the Manchester School Board that he would like to remain...

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On Air News Read for November 15, 2017

Senate Bill 1 9 3, the bill that allows parents to establish Education Savings Accounts for their kids, is one step closer to becoming law after receiving an “Ought to Pass” recommendation from the House Education Committee yesterday.  That was a bi-partisan vote with two Republicans voting against the bill and two Democrats, including Manchester Ward Nine State Rep. Barbara Shaw, voting in favor.  Under the bill, parents who want to send their children to any school other than the government run one mandated by their school district, would enter into a contract with an eligible scholarship organization which...

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Senate Bill 193: The Fight for School Choice

(Hour 2c) Rich talked to the listeners about Senate Bill 193, which was a topic of discussion at last night’s Manchester School Board meeting.  He pointed out the opposition from Board member Connie Van Houten, wondering why she isn’t willing to put her faith in the Manchester School District.  Finally, he took a call from School Board member Lisa Freeman, who displayed her frustration with the situation.  Tune in to get all of the details! Click here for more information on the bill....

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The Freedom Caucus Discusses the Budget, a Sobriety Checkpoint, School Choice and More

(Hours 2a,b,c) Guest hosts and State Representatives Victoria Sullivan and John Burt talked to the Freedom Caucus this morning.  They addressed the House Budget, the domestic violence controversy with the city solicitor and more.  Tune in to get all of the details!   (Hour 2b) State Reps Victoria and John continued with Freedom Caucus members Josh Moore, Greg Hill, JR Hoell and Kevin Verville for the Under the Golden Dome segment.  They discussed claims of misogyny within the State House.  They then spoke about the sobriety checkpoint that took place in Nashua over the weekend.   Click here for the...

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State Involvement: UNH’s Failings and School Choice

(Hour 3c) Rich closed out the show by discussing the direction that education is headed in.  He wondered about the appeal in State involvement, citing the ownership of the University of New Hampshire as an example, and pointed out the failings in how the University is being operated.  He then extolled the virtues of the school choice movement and took a call from Harriet in Deerfield, who shared her point of view. Click here for information about Boston College’s Reverend J. Donald Monan, S.J....

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