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Girard Backs SB 193

Below is testimony at-Large Manchester Board of School Committee Member Richard H. Girard offered at a May 1, 2018 press conference in Support of Senate Bill 193 at the Legislative Office Building in  Concord, NH. Good morning, everyone. My name is Richard Girard and it is my honor to be serving a second term representing all of the people of Manchester as an at-Large member of its Board of School Committee.  While my board has seen fit to oppose Senate Bill 1 9 3 out of fear it will cause the city to quote un quote lose money, I...

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SAU93 Monadnock’s Superintendent wants the best quality education for her kids, just not for your children

Monadnock’s Superintendent wants the best quality education for her kids, just not for your children.  (See her letter below) There is a heated battle taking place in New Hampshire right now.  SB193 is a proposed bill that would set up Education Savings Accounts for families so they could access funding for their child to use at the school of their choice. Most Superintendents send some students to specialized schools outside the district if they  believe it will help those  children .  For instance, if a school does not have the capacity to educate a child with a severe disability, that...

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On Air News Read for November 16, 2017

Now, on to our top story of the morning.  Yesterday was the start of the Winter Parking Ban in Merrimack.  No parking allowed on public streets between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.  We would have told you yesterday, but the press release wasn’t sent until after five last night.  The Merrimack Police Department offered its thanks in advance for helping to keep the town’s streets safe during the winter months. Eversource business and residential customers continue to pick up their phones and open their doors to find individuals falsely claiming to be “representatives” or “employees” of the company.  The...

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On Air News Read for November 15, 2017

Senate Bill 1 9 3, the bill that allows parents to establish Education Savings Accounts for their kids, is one step closer to becoming law after receiving an “Ought to Pass” recommendation from the House Education Committee yesterday.  That was a bi-partisan vote with two Republicans voting against the bill and two Democrats, including Manchester Ward Nine State Rep. Barbara Shaw, voting in favor.  Under the bill, parents who want to send their children to any school other than the government run one mandated by their school district, would enter into a contract with an eligible scholarship organization which...

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School Choice: Implementation in Public Schools

(Hours 3b,c) Rich talked to Felix Alvarado, Headmaster at Straight “A” Academy, for Is Our Children Learning.  Felix discussed the idea of school choice, sharing about the accomplishment of Success Charter Academies in New York, and they tackled the perceived effects of educational Unions.  Tune in to hear more! (Hour 3c) Rich and Felix continued in their assessment about the reach of school choice.  They started by addressing the idea of allowing parents to pick their children’s teachers and discussed how politics have invaded the school system....

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On Air News Read for February 24, 2017

Almost two years to the day after he was arrested by Alton Police Chief Ryan Heath at the direction of the Alton Board of Selectmen, Jeffrey T. Clay has been arrested again.  The reason for the arrest hasn’t changed, either.  He criticized actions of the board during its public input session.   For the crime of offending them with his words, he was arrested and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of resisting arrest.  In two thousand fifteen, a judge threw two disorderly conduct charges filed against Clay out of court, giving them something of a civics...

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Why I Support School-Choice, Oppose Common Core But Do Not Support Betsy DeVos

President Trump promised to get rid of Common Core during his campaign for president.  Opponents of Common Core like me understood that the Obama redesign in public education was much more than just a set of dumbed down standards for our public schools. We expected President Trump to appoint a Secretary of Education that understood why this reform was not only going to dumb down our schools, but completely transform them into something parents didn’t ask for and do not want. I’ve always been a supporter of school-choice and I was proud to support our school-choice program in New Hampshire.  When the creators of New Hampshire’s scholarship program came to me years ago to ask for my support, I made sure our program was NOT a VOUCHER program.  As much as I’d like parents to take their tax dollars and use them for their child’s education, vouchers have been used by bureaucrats as a way to control private schools. Instead New Hampshire has the Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire.  This program was set up in a way to keep bureaucrats from using the money to control our private and parochial schools.  Companies and individuals donate to the organization, they receive a tax credit or deduction, the funds are then distributed from the organization leaving bureaucrats unable to attach strings to that money. The DeVos idea is to use government funding that...

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On Air News Read for January 27, 2017

Governor Chris Sununu is hailing a report showing that the New Hampshire School Connectivity Initiative made important progress expanding high-speed Internet to schools and students across the state.  According to the State of the States report done by Education Super Highway, 25,583 students gained access to high-speed Internet last year.  Education Super Highway claims its the leading national non-profit focused on upgrading Internet access in every public school classroom in America. This year’s report found that 8 5 percent of New Hampshire school districts meet the minimum connectivity goal per student, up from 66 percent at this time last...

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On Air News Read for January 25, 2017

Around one hundred fifty people gathered in West Manchester’s Rock Rimmon Park to voice a message of unity last night.  Citizens, organized by West Manchester Resident Dan Szczesny, with the assistance of our very own Ins and Outs of Immigration segment anchor Eva Castillo-Turgeon, were prompted to action after a banner proclaiming that diversity is codeword for white genocide was found at Parkside.  After the discovery was made public, three other banners were said to have been found and removed by citizens at Webster School and along the Piscataquog River Rail Trail.  Among the attendees at last night’s event...

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On Air News Read for January 6, 2017

Republican Chris Sununu was sworn in yesterday as New Hampshire’s eighty second governor.  Sununu, who spoke extemporaneously from notes and not from a prepared text, identified substance abuse as the state’s biggest issue, saying it infiltrates everything.  He called for aggressive programs in schools to combat the problem and said bringing parents into the discussion so they know what to look for and how to talk to their kids was essential.  He called for more treatment and recovery services, particularly for women and praised emergency responders for the work they do every day. Asserting the responsibility of government to protect vulnerable children, Sununu decried what he called the “critical failures” of the Division of Children, Youth and Families of the Department of Health and Human Services and challenged the General Court to act without delay to address employee case loads and the regulatory frameworks that are supposed to make sure kids are safe. He made a very aggressive play for school choice saying every parent should have the opportunity to choose where their kid’s go to school, regardless of their income.  He said teachers should have freedom to do what works in their classrooms and that employers should be engaged to develop programs that enabled high school graduates to go into the workforce.  Nothing, he said, should be done without first engaging parents, the community and teachers. Citing the...

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