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Tag: Senator Scott Brown

Trump’s Plan and the Electoral College

(Hour 1b) Rich spoke about claims made against President-Elect Donald Trump.  He then played a video from Trump detailing his plan as President.  Finally, he made the case for the electoral college and shared about why choosing...

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Donald Trump and Last Night’s Debate

(Hours 1b,c) Rich talked about the political developments of the day.  He started by discussing Mitt Romney’s attacks on Donald Trump.  He commented on Trump’s insults towards Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.  He shared his...

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Romney v Trump

(Hour 1a) Rich spoke about the Presidential race this morning.  He spoke about Donald Trump and his response to Mitt Romney’s attacks against him.  He shared about one of the pitfalls of Romney’s campaign and told us...

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Presidential Race: A Shared Common Enemy

(Hours 1b,2b) Rich talked to us about the Presidential race this morning.  He addressed the criticism towards Donald Trump and pointed out that, should Trump take the GOP nomination, a vote not cast for him is a vote cast for...

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