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Ayotte, Hassan and the Senate Race

(Hours 1a,b) Rich started the show by talking about his late morning and sharing a story about how he found the barber shop that he is currently patronizing.  He then talked about a letter that the labor union sent to some...

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Melania Trump and the RNC

(Hours 1a,b) Rich opened the show by talking about the work that Soil Away did in cleaning the Super Secret Broadcast Location’s carpets.  He then talked about the allegations of plagiarism that arose after Melania...

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Donald Trump and Walmart Traffic

(Hour 1a) Rich spoke about the big changes that occurred last night in the Presidential race, before he gave us a look at upcoming show segments.  He told us about former Alderman Jim Roy and his unprecedented actions from last...

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Ted Cruz Makes VP Pick

(Hour 1a) Rich announced the return of Fred the Intern.  We heard about the show’s calendar and he talked about the results of his training with Mike Bistany.  Finally, they discussed Ted Cruz’ VP pick.  Tune in for...

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