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Tag: Student Data

What is the Superintendent in Laconia Hiding?

I’ve been searching for information on the mental health data collected and shared on students in the Laconia School District.  Accessing this information has become challenging, given the responses by the current Superintendent in the district, Brendan Minnihan. One thing is clear from the information that has been provided, mental health data on the students is leaving the district without parental knowledge or consent.  I have sent a request to the Attorney General in New Hampshire asking his office to conduct an investigation on New Hampshire schools.  I cited several Federal laws governing student privacy along with the recent passage...

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On Air News Read for September 15, 2017

Former Hooksett School Board member John Lyscars has filed a Right to Know request with the Manchester School District’s Human Resources Director Pamela Hogan asking for information on board members who take taxpayer provided health and dental benefits.  As the request was made on Monday, the district is obligated to respond to Lyscars in some fashion by the end of the day today, given the requirements of the law.  Lyscars is asking which members of the board are receiving any type of health or dental benefit and the cost to the district for each member’s benefits.  The request came...

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McGee: Policy on Student Surveys Not Necessary in Bedford

(Hour 2c) Chip McGee, the incoming Superintendent of Bedford Schools does not think that developing a policy for student surveys is a good idea.  Does Mr. McGee understand that he does not have the authority to conduct these surveys without the approval of an elected School Board?  And how about notifying parents beforehand, too??  And why is the CDC involved in these surveys??? Dave from Hooksett called in to ignite a discussion on the role of the School Board.  And the role of School Administrators like Chip McGee. 05-13-2014 Hour...

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