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School’s Starting: Time To Refuse The Standardized Tests (Don’t Be Misled By Superintendents)

You would think that after many parents in New Hampshire have refused to let their children take the standardize test, school administrators would lighten up a bit and stop bullying and misleading parents. I do have to mention that some parents are reporting that when they refuse to let their children take the standardized tests, some administrators have been receptive and honor their requests without hesitation. 

Unfortunately, this is not true for other parents in New Hampshire. Here is a letter sent to parents by Dr. Laura H. Nelson, Superintendent of Derry Schools in New Hampshire. There seems to...

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One NH School Seeing a BIG Increase in Test Refusals by Parents

Every year more parents catch on that the standardized testing in New Hampshire does nothing to help their children academically. In fact, it actually takes time away from learning in the classroom. One New Hampshire district is seeing a big increase in test refusals from parents. The Principal responded with the following e-mail but left out some critical pieces of information.   For instance in the new FEDERAL LAW (Every Student Succeeds Act ESSA) it says: ESSA page 144-145 ‘‘(2) TESTING TRANSPARENCY.— ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—At the beginning of each school year, a local educational agency that receives funds under...

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On Air News Read for February 24, 2017

Almost two years to the day after he was arrested by Alton Police Chief Ryan Heath at the direction of the Alton Board of Selectmen, Jeffrey T. Clay has been arrested again.  The reason for the arrest hasn’t changed, either.  He criticized actions of the board during its public input session.   For the crime of offending them with his words, he was arrested and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of resisting arrest.  In two thousand fifteen, a judge threw two disorderly conduct charges filed against Clay out of court, giving them something of a civics...

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NH’s testing “SCHEME” explained

Standardized testing has been around for a long time and you will find it in private, parochial and home-schooling too. I’ve never had a problem with standardized testing because as a parent, it helped me know if my kids were learning the core content in the core subjects.  In private, parochial and home-schooling, they test the kids each year and it’s the parents who get to analyze the results. This is how it used to also be in public schools. They’d use an achievement test and parents would get the results. It was sort of like an independent snapshot on what your kids know and didn’t know. This has all worked well when PARENTS were the ones who would hold the schools accountable based on those results. The problem started when government bureaucrats decided schools should be accountable to them. These bureaucrats also know that what gets tested, gets taught. It’s a way to control the curriculum. That’s not a problem for parents when things like basic math and grammar are tested. Why? Because parents want the basic core content taught. Testing wasn’t used as a punishment but a way for parents to get involved with guiding the school or their children. For instance, if the 3rd grade students were not doing well on the math portion of the test, parents could get together and suggest a change in curriculum/text books....

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Stop Psychological Profiling Through Standardized Testing

Legislation was proposed in an effort to give more flexibility to schools on the standardized assessments used in New Hampshire schools.  However with the new federal law (ESSA) Every Student Succeeds Act, it looks like local control in testing is just a dream. Who voted for ESSA?  Senators Ayotte and Shaheen along with Congresswoman Kuster. Who voted against ESSA? Congressman Guinta (make sure you thank him) After looking at what ESSA forces on students in terms of “standardized testing, I expect to see even MORE parents refuse to  let their children take them. What standardized assessments does New Hampshire use? Smarter Balanced Assessment and PACE (in some districts) To the Chairman and Members of the House Education Committee: My name is Ann Marie Banfield and I am the Education Liaison for Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire. We represent more than 6,000 New Hampshire residents and I come before you today in opposition of HB1240. The intent of HB1240 appears to give flexibility to local schools when assessing students. I’m afraid the reality of HB 1240, doesn’t do that. I don’t believe we will get the autonomy I’d like to see if this bill were to pass. HB1240 does give the appearance of supporting local control when choosing assessments, however with the recent passage of ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act, that control is lost. ESSA language on assessments is lengthy and any autonomy...

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