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Tag: Timberlane Budget Committee

The Manchester Re-write of Common Core

(Hour 1b) Rich launched this segment discussing the Timberlane School District. He started by analyzing aspects of the budget committee and then committee member Joshua Horns.  Rich talked about what he calls “The Manchester...

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More games being played in Timberlane

(Hour 2a&b) There are issues going on in Timberlane, again.  There’s a battle brewing between the Timberlane Regional School District and the Danville Board of Selectment.  Rich went more into detail about this.  June,...

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Green on Sandown Withdrawal

(Hour 2b) Arthur Green, former Timberlane Budget Committee member, joined us this morning.  They discussed the Sandown Withdrawal Feasibility Study Committee and the Sandown Board of Selectment. “I think people should be...

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