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Lobbying the NH Legislators: Toddlers for the Workforce!

Even though we are seeing more studies about the dangers of early education on young children, there is a political agenda that seeks to push more children into schools earlier and earlier. Recently Harvard published a study on the dangers of early school enrollment. As one blogger reported, they (toddlers) are seen as in investment. Emily Talmage reported: The event – titled, ever so quaintly, “Oh the Places We’ll Go! The Benefits of Investing in Early Childhood Education” – was hosted by the Center for American Progress and America’s Promise Alliance spin-off, ReadyNation, each of whom are among the...

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On Air News Read for April 14, 2017

Hooksett will soon be searching for a new police chief.  Chief Peter Bartlett has announced he’s on to bigger and better things, securing the police chief’s position in Dracut, MA.  Bartlett retied as a lieutenant in the Manchester Police Department in two thousand eleven after twenty four years on the job.  He came out of retirement to apply for the Hooksett chief’s position in two thousand thirteen, more than a year after embattled Police Chief Stephen Agrafiotis resigned in January, two thousand twelve.  By virtually all accounts, Bartlett is credited with significantly improving the performance and morale of the...

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PACE assessments? A Standardized Assessment That Breaks State Law? Are we going from bad to worse?

Some schools are transitioning from the Smarter Balanced Assessment to the PACE Assessment.  An assessment of “competencies.” Today I spoke before the New Hampshire Board of Education about the concerns I had going forward with the PACE Assessment based on a document that was presented at the last Board of Education Meeting. The BOLD is from that document and my comments are below. Summary PACE Formative Eval Report_10 March 2017_v2(1) ========================================== CONCERNS with the PACE ASSESSMENTS:

The state law says that the standardized test must be objectively scored. One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents is that the...

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Disrespect and Disapproval: Tom Raffio and a State Board of Education Meeting

(Hours 3a,b,c) In the absence of Is Our Children Learning Anchor Sid Glassner, Rich covered last month’s New Hampshire Board of Education meeting that has caused a stir among the community.  He started by playing a clip (Time Stamp: 06:30) about Ada from Greenland, who stepped down from her occupation as a medical doctor in order to homeschool her children.  He commented on her motives and discussed statements made by Board of Ed. Chairman Tom Raffio. Click here for the link to the video.   (Hour 3b) Rich played the second clip in this segment (Time Stamp: 16:30), in...

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President Trump and Breaking News in the Russian Collusion Controversy

(Hours 1a,3a) Rich started the show by informing the listeners about fixes to the Girard at Large website and the return of the In the Bullpen segment.  He then talked about the enormous scandal surrounding President Donald Trump’s claims of being spied on.  He commented on allegations of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia.  Tune in for the details. (Hour 3a) Rich opened the segment by talking about Tom Raffio’s position on the NH Board of Education and Sue Ellen Hannon’s re-election as MEA President.  He then continued in his discussion about the investigation into Russian meddling.  Finally,...

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Under the Golden Dome: Right to Work, Gender Identity and Education

(Hours 2b,c) Rich spoke to Manchester Ward 9 State Representative Victoria Sullivan for Under the Golden Dome.  They started by discussing President’s Day, before tackling the failure of Right to Work.  They then talked about Charter Schools and the scare tactics that are being utilized in opposition of it. Click here and here for more information. (Hour 2c) As Rich and State Rep Sullivan continued they discussed the treatment of Frank Edelblut during the Commissioner of Education hearing.  They also spoke about House Bills 587 and 478.  Finally, they shared about a fetal homicide bill.  Tune in for all...

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On Air News Read for February 16, 2017

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas released his proposed budget at a special meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen last night.  The half hour address was built along the theme of connections made within the community.  Highlighting the success of the programs he created to systematize motorized vehicle replacement and road work, Gatsas proposed continuing the programs, funding each at about three million dollars.  He also announced that one and a half million dollars would be committed to reconstructing all of Elm Street, saying the poor condition of the city’s main drag was a drag on economic development and...

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Raffio’s Criticisms, an Alderman Investigation and a Russian Controversy

(Hour 1b) Rich started the segment by talking about a letter that Tom Raffio sent to the Executive Council decrying the nomination of Frank Edelblut as the Commissioner of Education.  He then took a call from Erik, who wondered whether or not Ward 8 Alderman Tom Katsiantonis should step down from his government position.  Finally, he tackled the controversy regarding dialogue between Vice President Mike Pence and the Russian Ambassador concerning sanctions that were placed at the eleventh hour of the Obama Administration....

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Commissioner of Education Criticisms and Superintendent Vargas’ Budget

(Hour 3a) After sharing the Bad Weather Bureau report, Rich tackled Tom Raffio’s concerns regarding Frank Edelblut’s intentions as the Commissioner of Education.  He then discussed the budget crisis that the Manchester School District is facing and shared his opinion on the behavior of teachers.  Finally, he spoke about the impacts of the Teacher’s Contract and declining enrollment in the district.  Tune in to hear more.  ...

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