Broadcast on WLMW 90.7 FM New Hampshire Family Radio, our mission is simple: To connect local people, places and things. “News from our own backyard” is our motto.

Led by Manchester native Richard H. Girard, a widely recognized and respected local public figure, Girard at-Large is a unique program that not only discovers and uncovers what’s happening within the Greater Manchester area, but also gives its audience the opportunity to share what it knows. What could be a better source for “news from our own backyard” than from the people who live in it?

Once, Manchester was home to several truly local and community-oriented news organizations. Now, the available news outlets have shed their local focus in favor a New Hampshire and or national one. Coverage of Manchester area people, places and things has been left by the wayside. We believe that our unique approach to covering and involving local people, places and things, coupled with our primary focus on local news and events from our own backyard, provides a truly desirable, fun, interesting and effective community media outlet.

The city of Manchester – the hub of our region and state – is our primary concern, as it has lost the most locally focused media in the metropolitan area. In addition to Manchester, we cover people, places and things in the towns of Bedford, Goffstown, Hooksett, Auburn, Londonderry, Litchfield, Merrimack, Amherst, Milford, Mont Vernorn, New Boston, Weare, Dunbarton, Bow, Pembroke, Allenstown, Candia, Raymond, Chester and Derry.

The total population of our target area is nearly 400,000 people as our radio signal covers virtually all of Hillsborough County, eastern Rockingham County and southern Merrimack County, New Hampshire’s most populous and wealthy counties, and includes the cities of Manchester, Nashua and Concord, NH’s three largest, as well as many of its most populous and prosperous towns.

To attract and retain an audience interested in local information, the show features LOCAL news, traffic, weather and sports. In addition, the show offers several segments designed to introduce the audience to the people, places, and things that are right in their own backyard.

 Segments include, but are not limited to: 

1. “Is our children learning?” wiith Dr. Julianne Cooper,

     sponsored by Liberty Harbor Academy

2. In the Bullpen

     sponsored  by The New Hampshire Fisher Cats

3. Your Health and Wellness

     sponsored in part by East Coast Chiropractic

4. Community in Focus,

     sponsored in part by Bellwether Community Credit Union.

5. The Movers & Shakers in Local Business

     sponsored by St. Mary’s Bank

6. The History Lady, Aurore Eaton, Executive Director of the

Manchester Historic Association.

7. Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.

8. Public Safety Issue of the Week

    sponsored by Shaheen and Gordon PA

9.  Evening Out with Courtney Hoppe

     sponsored by Jacques Flower Shop

10. HIGH PWWESSHA WEATHA with Al Kaprielian.

11. The government, business, technology and YOUR privacy with Dan Fawcett,

      sponsored by Morgan Records Management

12.  The Real Estate Review co sponsored by

       Karin Provencher of ReMax Omega Group and

       Larraine Lencki of First Eastern Mortgage.

13.  Effective Communication co-sponsored by

       Kevin Hallenbeck of Sandler Training

       Paul Hanson of Mann Advertising

         14.  Web Savvy with Jon DiPietro

                 sponsored by  Career Gravity and Domesticating IT

         15.  Pet Sense with Shelley Greenglass of the

                Manchester Animal Shelter

                  co-sponsored by Reflex Tuning and

                Professional Pet Sitting Etc

Note Well: Segments may be added or eliminated at any time based on audience input and potential sponsor suggestions, among other factors. Any segment sponsor will be consulted prior to any segment change.

Fun items sprinkled throughout the show include “The Pothole Patrol,” “Weird News,” “Tweak of the Week,” and “Quote of the Day,” among others. Our show and Web site also features music from local artists.

We take listener phone calls at 603-672-0573 and conduct web audience polls. Best of all, we encourage and accept nominations from our audience about the people, places and things they believe should be featured on the show. 

By the way, we know we don’t exist in a vacuum, so we don’t ignore state and national news or news makers. However, we make sure to examine how what happens in Concord and Washington, D.C. impacts we locals and we make certain those “higher ups” know just how we locals feel about it.

Most of all, we want what we do to be usable and relevant to you. Our guests are there to share their knowledge to help you. Oh, and if you have an idea for a segment, or you think that one we’ve got just isn’t what you want to hear about, just let us know.

Thanks for giving us your attention! We hope you enjoy what we do here and share us with your friends!