AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today released a statement on New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan’s decision to veto the state budget, which passed both houses of the New Hampshire legislature Wednesday and included significant reductions in the state’s business profits tax and business enterprise tax, extending over $1 billion in tax cuts to New Hampshire job creators.

“Texas is wide open for New Hampshire businesses looking to escape the restrictive tax burdens solidified by Governor Hassan’s unfortunate veto of the state budget,” said Governor Abbott. “Fortunately for those businesses, the Lone Star State offers a chance to thrive in an economic environment free of overregulation and over-taxation that limits their success. In Texas, we are cutting the burdensome business franchise tax by 25 percent, freeing businesses to invest more in new jobs, higher wages and stimulating the Texas economy. And with Texas already offering one of the lowest overall tax burdens in the nation, with no corporate income tax, no individual income tax and no property tax at the state level, I welcome the opportunity to meet with any company considering a move to our great state to explore all that Texas offers.”

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