When: Thursday mornings at 7:40

Anchor: Courtney Hoppe

Sponsor: Jacque’s Flower Shop

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There’s a lot to do in the Manchester area; a whole lot more than most think and Courtney’s plugged into almost all of it.  So, if you’re interested in knowing what ‘s around town so you can get out and about, tune in as Courtney explores all the area has to offers.  You’d expect nothing less from the area’s best connected socialite!

Courtney Hoppe is a published lifestyle writer & photographer, a media pro, and a champion of modern New Hampshire living.  After spending 12 years “living it up” as a prominent broadcast media figure in New York, she returned to her home state in 2005 when she was able to appreciate the quality of life that NH has to offer.  Courtney currently resides in swanky downtown Manchester and can often be spotted dining al fresco at one of the many hot spots on Elm Street, wheeling her Mobile Patio™ to various events around town, or taking my kitten (Roxie Hart) for walks in her pink stroller.

You can learn more at my website: courtneyhoppe.com