Tom Brennan

Dr. Tom Brennan

Anchor:  Dr. Tom Brennan

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“Is Our Children Learning?” explores the state of our educational system in Manchester, New Hampshire, the United States and around the world. In this segment, we examine the shortfalls and solutions to what ails our public schools and tackle the tough topics head on.  Former Manchester Superintendent Tom Brennan doesn’t hold back on what he sees as the problems and their answers.  This segment is thoughtful, wide ranging, hard hitting and as engaging as it is informative.

About Tom Brennan:

For five years, Tom was the Superintendent of the Manchester School District, where he was committed to creating a more welcoming and supportive learning environment for all the students, parents and staff of the District.

Tom’s educational experience spans more than thirty years.  For eight years prior to assuming his position in Manchester, he was Superintendent of Schools for the Kearsarge Regional School District in New London, NH.  For two years prior to that, he was the Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education for the Manchester School District.  Tom’s educational experience also includes eleven years as a high school principal and one as an assistant principal.  He has served as a school board member and chair, a middle school assistant principal, school adjustment counselor grades K-8 (four years) and is a US Army veteran.

In addition to having served as President of the New Hampshire School Administrators Association, Tom served on numerous regional and state wide committees. He was a member of the Board of Directors for the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School, Community Advisory Board for the Palace Theater, and a member of the Advisory Board for the MC2 Charter School.

In March 2012, Tom was honored with the Outstanding Leader in Education Award in recognition of his advocacy, support and personal commitment to the New Hampshire Jobs After Graduation program which has aided and helped place graduates in New Hampshire for twenty-four years.

Tom’s educational background includes a BS in Education, a Masters in School Administration, a Masters in Guidance and Counseling and an EdD in School Leadership.

Tom and his wife Wendy were married for forty-four years, had four daughters – Amy, Catherine, Jennifer and Lindsay – and two grandchildren, Elizabeth and Finn.

Sadly, Tom passed within a year of his retiring.  It was a great loss to us and countless others.