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Rhoda Sommer

Rhoda Sommer

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In No Pain, No Gain, NOT True!?! we take a unique look at health and fitness.  So much of what we’re told is “good for us,” like “no pain, no gain” is just not right.  Moreover, those of us who’ve tried to “get back into shape” or otherwise improve our health 

Rhoda Sommer has owned Anytime Fitness Clubs in NH since 2010, most recently opening in Hooksett, NH.  She loves what she does because seeing people envision, and then become, all they can be is the most rewarding experience she can imagine.  Rhoda is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Kickboxing Instructor.  She’s inspired by people who work toward their goals and  cannot wait to help you reach yours!