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John Stevens

John Stevens

Business is tough and not really getting any easier.  So, what’s your edge and how can you take advantage of it?  In P3B – That’s Purpose, Productivity and Profit in Business, we’ll identify some of the more unknown, common and costly pitfalls many businesses face, how to identify them and their cause, and how to fix them so energy can be focused on what really matters to all involved:  The Bottom Line!

What happens when “employees” become valued members of the team?  How does that happen?  Can I/we “get there from here?”  What will it take?  Really, what’s are the differences between leadership and management, leaders and managers, and do we need either or both?

We’ll cover all this and OOOHHH sooo much more ONLY on Girard at Large!

About John Stevens:

Throughout a career spanning over 40 years John Stevens‘ management style has been one of building teams to bring several competent people together to focus on a common objective.

In his most recent position, as Chief Pilot for Wiggins Airways, Inc., a regional air freight company providing small-aircraft “feeder” support for major small package air express carriers, he began with a low-morale group of 50-60 pilots with a dismal performance record and helped them become a top-performing enthusiastic team. A union movement among these pilots simply evaporated as a result of the morale improvement. The on-time performance and safety record of the pilot team improved several fold as a result of the application of the techniques described elsewhere in this literature.

During his tenure as V. P., Technical Services at VICO Indonesia, a major independent gas and oil exploration and production company operating in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, John focused on assembling multi-disciplinary teams to design the exploitation of geologically complicated gas fields. This greatly enhanced the communication among these disciplines and resulted in much-improved efficiency in developing these complex plans. Later, as Operations Manager, he worked to coordinate the efforts of drilling, production, pipeline, and engineering departments in the field operation of these same fields. During John’s time as Operations Manager, the fields’ production exceeded budget at under-budget costs and with a safety record much improved over earlier operations. These departments encompassed over 600 employees and hundreds of contract personnel.

In a variety of other management positions spanning the aviation, oil and gas, and real estate industries, John’s approach has similarly been characterized by a focus on bringing people together in focused efforts so their team performance is greater than the sum of their individual contributions.