John Lyscars: Rich knows the path forward for Manchester’s schools

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MANCHESTER, NH  JULY 23, 2021–The campaign of Republican Manchester mayoral candidate Richard Girard released the endorsement of public school choice advocate John Lyscars, today.  Lyscars, a West Side native who attended Parker Varney, Parkside and West, played a critical role in creating Hooksett’s current public high school choice system, which enables Hooksett high school student’s to attend any of Manchester’s four high schools, Pinkerton Academy, Londonderry High, Pembroke Academy and Bow High, among others.  Lyscars is an Air Force veteran who specialized in Electronic Countermeasures and maintains many friends and connections in Manchester.

In announcing the endorsement, Girard praised Lyscars for his work pioneering a unique school choice system in New Hampshire.  “John was, at times, very controversial and always unconventional.  He often damned the torpedos and his critics in pursuit of his vision to provide Hooksett high school students with more choices.  Despite a hostile board and adversarial superintendent, he persisted and prevailed.  Hooksett’s students now have more choices than any other high school students in the state.  I acknowledge this success came at Manchester’s expense.  However, Manchester should recognize what gave rise to the desire for choices and learn from what Hooksett did.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve developed my public school choice proposal.  If we enable our educators to innovate and create options for kids, I believe students from Hooksett and other towns will find their way back to our schools.  It’s the only way to rebuild our school system.”

Statement of support from West Side native and former Hooksett School Board member John Lyscars:

Rich knows the path forward for Manchester schools to bring them back to the greatness they once had.  A major city like Manchester must base its foundation on her schools.  I have reviewed Rich’s plan for the schools and public school choice and believe it is a solid plan for Manchester to move forward.  It is not only good for the children and teachers within the school system, but it is also gentle on the tax payers.

Mismanagement of the school district budget has been the achilles heel that has plagued the Manchester School District for decades.  You can hire as many new Administrators as you like, but until you have a Mayor like Richard Girard with his money management skills, the school system will continue to be mired in political infighting and mismanaged budgets.

If Victoria Sullivan or Joyce Craig take the helm as the next Mayor of Manchester, be prepared for more of the same…rising taxes, declining and mismanaged schools and political infighting.”



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Richard H. Girard is a well known and highly respected conservative public figure and opinion maker in southern New Hampshire. A native of Manchester, NH, Rich has devoted nearly three decades to serving and educating the community about the critical issues in local politics and government. Rich’s diverse background includes running for and holding public office, providing leadership and management for other candidates’ political campaigns, extensive experience in the public and not-for-profit sectors, being sought as a political commentator by media outlets across the region, and having started and run three businesses, including this one.

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