School Choice, Right to Know advocates Endorse Girard for Mayor

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MANCHESTER, NH  July 23, 2021–The mayoral campaign of Manchester Republican Richard Girard released endorsements from key advocates for public school choice and the Right to Know, today.  Former Hooksett School Board member John Lyscars, a West Side native, and Right to Know New Hampshire founder Harriet Cady joined the ranks of other advocates supporting Girard’s candidacy, including taxpayer advocates Jim Gaudet and Ed Naile and former Manchester Republican Committee chairmen Jerry Thibodeau and Jeff Frost.

Girard thanked Lyscars and Cady for their support.  “John and Harriet have rightfully caused their share of upset as they’ve successfully done the hard work of change.  John’s crusade for choice in Hooksett created options that were beneficial for their students.  For Manchester to effectively compete in a world that values options and choices, it has to provide better options and more choices.  My plan to fix our failing school system does just that.

“Harriet has similarly fought for change, though she’s done it for decades.  The process of creating government transparency is ongoing and always changing. Dealing with a legislature that also hears from powerful interests uninterested in transparency is a daunting task.  Battling local governments that don’t want their residents to know what they’ve done is never easy.  But Harriet keeps at it and NH has better laws because of it.  As mayor, I will see to it that the city and schools fully comply with the law, at a minimum, and make available all that our residents have a right to know about.”

Here are their statements:

Below is a list of all endorsements released by the campaign as of this date:

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