Hispanic Leaders Endorse Girard for Mayor

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MANCHESTER, NH  July 27, 2021–Two major leaders in Manchester’s Hispanic community have endorsed Republican Richard Girard in the race for mayor.

German Ortiz is a local businessman who has worked tirelessly to help other immigrants who are new to the city.  A legal immigrant from Colombia, he takes special pride in assisting those from his native land and has helped many start and manage their own family businesses.

Hon. Carlos Gonzalez, a legal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, has also helped many become familiar with their new home.  He’s taken a high profile in public service, being the first Hispanic immigrant to run for alderman-at Large, mayor, commissioner of welfare and school board at-Large.  He served multiple terms as a state representative and is currently a candidate for school board in Ward 12.  Alderman Keith Hirschmann has nominated him to fill the unexpired term of Kelly Thomas, who resigned several weeks ago.

In announcing the endorsements, Girard praised their work in the city.  “German and Carlos are prime examples of how to succeed in America.  Whether one is native to our land or a legal immigrant to it, all one needs to do is to seize upon any of the abundant opportunities that exist for those who do the work and overcome the obstacles that are bound to come one’s way, however unfair they may be.  Carlos and German have set the example for any citizen to follow:  work hard, play by the rules, help others, stay focused on your goals and leave your community better for having been there.  I am proud to have them on my team!”

Their statements, in both English and Spanish, are below:

They join 23 others who’ve announced their support for Girard’s mayoral bid.


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