State Rep. John Gimas: Girard’s our best chance to turn the city around

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MANCHESTER, NH  August 2, 2021–The campaign of Manchester Republican mayoral candidate Richard Girard released the endorsement of former State Rep. John Gimas.  Gimas represented Ward 5 as a Democrat, serving on the Election Law Committee.  He’s owned and operated a business in electrical services since 1984 and is a founding member of the Electrical Contractors Business Association, where he served many years as a board member.  He’s a life long resident of the city and served as both moderator and ward clerk in Ward 7.  Gimas is one of several former Democrat and Independent office holders who’ve announced their support for Girard’s campaign.

In releasing the endorsement, Girard praised Gimas’ willingness to speak his mind and vote his conscience, pressure from his party notwithstanding.  “John’s always been great to work with.  He’s open minded, honest and listens.  He’s the kind of person you can have a real discussion with because he cares about facts.  He’s a good sounding board because he has good instincts and asks great questions.  He’ll work with anyone who’s focused on solving problems because that’s what he does.  I’m thrilled to have John join the distinguished and growing number of people, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, backing our campaign.”

Statement of support from former Ward 5 State Rep. John Gimas:

Rich Girard has demonstrated his fiscal prowess as a mayor’s aide, alderman and chairman of the school board’s Finance Committee.  He knows the city’s numbers and I trust him to run the budget process and stay within the tax cap.

On schools, he’s always shown plain common sense.  He used it to fight hard for the changes we truly needed to improve student performance on the school board.  Running for mayor, he’s using it again in his proposals to fix our failing school system and oppose the politically correct agendas that have ruined the schools.

For these reasons and more I’m proud to support Rich Girard for mayor and ask all who have been my friends and neighbors in this city we all love to support him, too.  He’s our best chance to turn the city around!


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Richard H. Girard is a well known and highly respected conservative public figure and opinion maker in southern New Hampshire. A native of Manchester, NH, Rich has devoted nearly three decades to serving and educating the community about the critical issues in local politics and government. Rich’s diverse background includes running for and holding public office, providing leadership and management for other candidates’ political campaigns, extensive experience in the public and not-for-profit sectors, being sought as a political commentator by media outlets across the region, and having started and run three businesses, including this one.

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