State Rep. Emily Sandblade: Girard knows what to look for and how to get things done.

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Manchester, NH August 18, 2021 – The campaign of Manchester Republican mayoral candidate Richard Girard released the endorsement of former Ward 11 State Rep. Emily Sandblade.  A retired engineer and scientist, Sandblade is a taxpayer advocate and a strong activist for accountable government.  She has served on several has served on several boards since her election.  She invests time in enhancing and promoting citizens’ right-to-know capabilities, which allows any interested person to discover what government officials are doing.  Sandblade enjoys knitting and donates knitted winter wear to organizations that distribute them to those in need.

In releasing the endorsement, Girard said Sandblade always brought perspective to discussions and issues.  “Emily knows how to get, understand and use data like few people I know.  As a result, she brings tremendous insight into policy discussions and just about everything she gets involved with.  I always learn something new when speaking with her and admire her willingness to share what she knows.  Her dedication to community service and desire to help the ‘little guy,’ the average citizen get the truth from their government sets an example for those in government to follow.  I’m glad to have her on the team and know she’ll be of tremendous help as we grapple with Manchester’s many challenges.”

Statement of Support from taxpayer advocate Hon. Emily Sandblade:

Most of us who vote have a problem with the razzle-dazzle that goes on before elections.  We see lots of images of politicians who are expertly packaged for appeal.  The problem comes when these glittering politicos are elected.  That’s when we all get the usual surprise and find out again that we’ve been fooled by wrapping.

The truth is that the skill it takes to make that pretty wrapping and the skills that it takes to run a city government are completely different.  The expensive wrapping has absolutely no relationship to the value of what’s inside.

So let’s look at what’s inside.  Rich Girard already has a wealth of experience, ranging from the days when he worked as an assistant to the mayor of Manchester, to running businesses, to being an excellent advocate for parents and their kids’ educational quality on the Manchester school board.  He knows what to look for, and how to get things done.

Look beyond the pretty packaging.  See what’s at the core of each candidate, and make your decision based on substance and character.  Chances are you’ll see that there’s a lot to Rich Girard, and that he’d make an exceptional mayor.


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Richard H. Girard is a well known and highly respected conservative public figure and opinion maker in southern New Hampshire. A native of Manchester, NH, Rich has devoted nearly three decades to serving and educating the community about the critical issues in local politics and government. Rich’s diverse background includes running for and holding public office, providing leadership and management for other candidates’ political campaigns, extensive experience in the public and not-for-profit sectors, being sought as a political commentator by media outlets across the region, and having started and run three businesses, including this one.

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