State Rep. John Burt: thank Rich Girard for his willingness to be the next Mayor of Manchester

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MANCHESTER, NH  August 25, 2021–The campaign of Manchester Republican mayoral candidate Rich Girard announced the endorsement of State Rep. John Burt, today.  Burt, serving his sixth term in the House, has also served on the budget committee and solid waste committee in Goffstown.  He’s been a small business owner for nearly four decades.  He’s a favorite of those who care about gun owner rights and the Right to Life.  Burt became famous hosting “Hot Dog Day” on the State House Lawn after sponsoring a bill that would have removed permit requirements for people using campfires to cook on their own property.  It’s an amusing, real life tale of how one can get entangled in multiple laws just by being a normal citizen.

In releasing the endorsement, Girard praised Burt’s service and light hearted demeanor.  “Be it to protect local neighborhoods or constitutional rights, few fight as hard as John.  He’s clear eyed about maintaining individual rights and insisting on individual responsibility.  As hard as he fights for the little guy, though, he’s the quintessential ‘happy warrior.’  He’s always nice and respectful, even when he’s in a big battle.  It’s virtually impossible to not like the guy.  He’s just a decent human being who remains likable while taking strong, insightful stands on behalf of the people he serves.  I admire that about him, his ability to remain likeable in any situation, and I truly appreciate his support.”

Statement of support from State Rep. John Burt:

I want to thank Rich Girard for his willingness to be the next Mayor of Manchester.  What happens in Manchester affects Goffstown.  Rich has helped me in Goffstown with several local issues in the past like the defeat of Plan Pinardville that was going to bring HUD Housing only to Pinardville and not to the Village.  When Rich had his radio show, I was a guest many times and have become good friends with Rich and know he will help Manchester resolve the issues she is facing from the current mayor.  With your vote for Rich Girard, Manchester can move forward in a great way and fix the issues that plague the city under the current mayor.
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Rich Girard

Richard H. Girard is a well known and highly respected conservative public figure and opinion maker in southern New Hampshire. A native of Manchester, NH, Rich has devoted nearly three decades to serving and educating the community about the critical issues in local politics and government. Rich’s diverse background includes running for and holding public office, providing leadership and management for other candidates’ political campaigns, extensive experience in the public and not-for-profit sectors, being sought as a political commentator by media outlets across the region, and having started and run three businesses, including this one.

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