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Everyday Federal Crimes

(Hour 1c) The Web Savvy segment began with Rich and Jon DiPietro discussing how the average citizen commits three felonies a day and in the last couple of weeks this has increased to due court rulings that made the sharing...

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Words not to use on your resume

(Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro, of Authentia, joined us on the show this morning for a segment of Web Savvy.  Jon came on the show to share with us a number of words to NOT use on your resume or your LinkedIn.  He shared a number of...

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Effective ways to use LinkedIn

(Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro, from Authentia and Career Gravity, joined us this morning for our Web Savvy segment. Jon started off the segment by telling us about how Facebook can halt your chances of getting a job. Jon then gave some...

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