Are you new to the Milford New Hampshire area?

Moving to a new community can present a challenge or two. We’re here to help! The businesses below welcome you with special offers. We’ve also provided links to various local government Web sites that will, no doubt, be of interest.

Milford New Hampshire: The Basics

new-to-milford-new-hampshireMilford separated from neighboring Amherst in 1794. Like most towns named Milford in the United States, its name comes from the fact that it grew around a mill built on a ford – in this case on the Souhegan River. Milford was once home to numerous granite quarries, which produced a stone that was used, among other things, to make the pillars for the U.S. Treasury in Washington, D.C. – pillars that can still be seen on the American $10 bill. Its nickname remains “The Granite Town,” although only one small quarry is in operation as of 2007. (Source Wikipedia)

Milford New Hampshire: City and Government Links

Detailed City Profile
Anything you could want to know and more

The official web site for the city of Milford, NH covering all local government news and information.
Website for Milford NH Chamber of Commerce.
The Milford, New Hampshire Police Department website.
The Milford, NH Fire Department Website.
Welcome to the
Milford School District website!