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Drug Use in the State House

(Hour 2b) Rich spoke about drug use within the ranks of local public officials.  He shared about the arrest of former State Rep Kyle Tasker for selling illegal drugs and mentioned some of those who were involved.  He then took a...

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Run for Governor and a Budget Deal

(Hour 1a) We started the hour by receiving news about Mayor Ted Gatsas from this morning’s news read.  We heard about the show calendar and upcoming events.  Rich then talked to us about his weekends and about the budget...

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NH Primary Day Recap

(Hours 1a,3a) Rich gave us today’s show calendar.  He talked to us about yesterday, sharing about the busyness within Merrimack.  He pointed out the turnout for Donald Trump and the direction in which the Independent...

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Radio Row: Primary Day Broadcast #1

This morning’s Girard at Large show took place on location at Radio Row.  Below are the approximate time stamps for each interview that took place during our first broadcast.  Enjoy! Hour 1 with co-host Jim Gaudet Start...

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