Judy Loubier


When:  Wednesday mornings at 7:40

Anchor:  Judy Loubier

Sponsor:  Seniors Helping Seniors Seacoast & Southern NH

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Caring for Seniors covers senior care topics such as Alzheimer’s care, respite care, how to choose senior services, tips on fall prevention, Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, ins and outs of advance directives, senior fitness tips, stroke prevention, dementia care and recognizing signs of stroke.

Judy Loubier is the Executive Director of Seniors Helping Seniors Seacoast & Southern NH, a senior care company licensed through the Department of Health and Human Services with the State of NH.

Judy has a lifetime of caring for others as a Licensed Physical Therapist, mother, daughter and friend.  She has held positions of leadership at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation and Elliott Hospital where her unique mix of clinical expertise, love and faith combine in an extraordinary care experience for both the patient and the patient’s loved ones.  Clinically, she is widely respected across the state.  But her hallmark is balancing the needs and emotions of her client’s family.

Most of the calls coming into Seniors Helping Seniors are from the oldest daughter looking for senior care for a parent.  Judy knows first-hand the emotion and need of the caller, both as a clinician and a daughter who has made those same calls for her own parents.  “I know exactly what I want for my parents—and every one of our senior caregivers has been personally selected to give that same quality and tenderness to your parent.”

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