When:  Friday mornings at 8:20

Anchor:  Andrew Smith

Sponsor:  TBA

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About the segment

America is changing and it isn’t coming without its pains and problems.  In this segment, we will examine “diversity” and related topics in a candid, forthright manner.  We will bring differing points of view into a discussion that is designed to educate the audience about what they are and why their held and search common ground on how we can, as AMERICANS, move forward.  Our goal is to walk a mile in the other’s shoes in order to respect their views and vantage points.  We will also focus on myths that need to be dispelled and areas of ignorance that need to be informed.

This  is something you will find ONLY on Girard at Large!   

Andrew Smith

About Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith has been the Disproportionate Minority Contact Coordinator for the State of New Hampshire since 2011. He brings 25 years of experience as an Independent Management Consultant specializing in Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Change Management and Cultural Transformation. Current and recent clients include Homeland Security, Amtrak Police Department and St. Louis Police Departments. He also spent 3 years as a Field Operations Supervisor, Crew Leader and Recruiting Assistant for the New Hampshire 2010 Census covering Manchester to Nashua and the surrounding cities.

As DMC Coordinator he has facilitated the New Hampshire DMC Compliance Plans and supported the development of delinquency prevention activities and systems in 3 cities, with the goal of measurable and sustainable reduction in racial and ethnic disparities throughout the New Hampshire Juvenile Justice System. At this time New Hampshire is recognized as the only state in the nation that has a consecutive year, downward trend of disproportionality for its’ largest minority group in it’s most diverse county.

Mr. Smith holds a Batchelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Kentucky State University, a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance and Organization Development from the University of Minnesota, and he pursued Ph.D. coursework in Human and Organizational Systems at the Fielding Graduate University of Santa Barbara, California.

He is recognized by the Georgetown University Center for Children’s Law and Policy as a Research Fellow with expertise in recidivism studies for racial and ethnic minorities.

Mr Smith serves on the Steering Committee of the New Hampshire Health & Equity Partnership and was recently appointed by the Mayor of Nashua, NH to the Cultural Connections Committee for a second term.  The Governor has appointed him to serve on the Citizens Advisory Board for the New Hampshire Prison for Women for a second term also.

In addition to community service provider consultation on the relationship between leadership, diversity and cultural competency for the Nashua Community Conversation on  Race & Justice and the “My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge,” he is an adjunct instructor at the NH Police Academy (PSTC) in the same capacity.