When:  Thursday mornings at 6:40

Anchor:  Jon DiPietro

Sponsors:  Liberty Digital Marketing and Candidate Boot Camp

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Jon DiPietro

Jon DiPietro

Every Thursday morning at 6:40am, Jon DiPietro of Liberty Digital Marketing  and Candidate Boot Camp discusses topics about how businesses and individuals can use the Internet to their advantages. For businesses, Jon delivers the latest developments in inbound marketing and social media that helps businesses improve their Internet marketing. For individuals, there are tips, tricks and hacks for using the Internet to improve your career and job search. This segment addresses the growing role of the Internet and social media in our lives. We cross over between different aspects and cover the ways it affects us personally and professionally.

  • What are your kids doing on social media? What are some of the risks and how can you help teach them to be responsible?
  • The job market has changed drastically and permanently. The way we find work and develop our careers is relying more and more on social media but are you taking full advantage? Or are you at a competitive disadvantage?
  • If you’re a business owner, the Internet marketing landscape has lots of moving parts and is constantly changing. We’ll demystify it and provide some advice about how to make sure you’re making the most of your web presence.

About Jon DiPietro:

Jon DiPietro is a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional and author of “Social Media for Engineers and Scientists.”  He is founder of Liberty Digital Marketing, a digital marketing consultancy company, founder of its predecessor company, Domesticating IT and founder of Candidate Boot Camp, a provider of online video training for citizens who want to run for local political office.  Jon holds leadership positions in the International Society of Automation, for which he has received multiple awards including the Emerging Leader Award. He is a frequent speaker on Internet marketing and social media topics.