Bob Smith(Hour 1a, b, c) US Senate candidate Bob Smith was grateful to get the endorsement of Karen Testerman last week.  How does Smith think it will affect the race?

What are Smith’s thoughts on Eric Cantor’s historic defeat?

Smith explained how he doesn’t put party before principles on issues like abortion or the Second Amendment and criticized his opponent Jim Rubens for doing so.

Smith on the “GOP Establishment backed” Scott Brown:  “Brown’s got all the money, but money doesn’t vote.”

(Hour 1a) 06-17-2014 Hour 1a

Smith on the “cultural, religious” war in the Middle East.  He believes there is no soil for freedom or democracy there.  “We have spent too much blood and treasure,” said Smith.

“Out troops are trained to fight, kill and win, but we need to back them up 100%.  Instead, politicians handcuff them and put them in a losing position.”

Smith was critical of the past two administrations for the current crisis in Iraq.  On Russia, Smith claimed, “Putin is winning every battle with Obama.”

(Hour 1b) 06-17-2014 Hour 1b

Smith had more to say about Iraq, Iran and the Middle East.  He spoke more about the bad war policy of politicians in Washington.

Smith hammered Brown for his unwillingness to particpate in NH debates, Brown’s “Rose Garden Campaign Strategy,” and his voting with Republicans only 38% of the time while voting with Democrats the other 62%.

“I vote with Republicans 98% of the time.  No one is going to take the conservative mantle away from me.  Karen Testerman and I made this agreement because conservatives must unite for the sake of the party and for the sake of the country.”

(Hour 1c) 06-17-2014 Hour 1c