When President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I was less than thrilled.  I simply didn’t believe he’d be consistently aligned with Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, the Court’s long suffering Orginalists.  Despite that misgiving, which has proven accurate, once the Democrats unleashed their torrent of vile and false accusations, including allegations that Kavanaugh ran “rape trains” victimizing co-eds, the wagons had to be circled to ensure the nomination was approved by the Senate.  Allowing the lies to succeed would only encourage the destruction of the next nominee.

To his everlasting credit, President Trump didn’t pull the nomination.  He stood by Kavanaugh and fought with all he had to secure his approval by the Senate.  That took guts and demonstrated a principled commitment to truth and loyalty to those falsely accused.  I can think of no other Republican President who would have gone to the mat like that for his nominee.  Reagan folded on Robert Bork’s nomination.  Bush caved on Miguel Estrada’s to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

In the same way President Trump stood by his falsely accused nominee, I will stand with him in this election.  My purpose is to defy those who’ve not just manufactured multiple accusations out of whole cloth to defame, impede and ultimately depose his presidency (We all now know that “Russia, Russia, Russia” was actually a hoax perpetuated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which did collude with the Russians to interfere in the 2016 election, which she still claims was stolen from her, by the way, the media and the Democrats) they’re now suing or prosecuting him over absurd charges to prevent him from being able to run again.  Failing that, this “lawfare” is meant to bleed him of time and money that would otherwise be spent campaigning.

In short, Trump’s oft made claim that the Democrats are really after “We the People” and he’s “just in the way” rings true with me, sorry to say.  He’s fighting not just like his own life depends on it; he’s fighting like the life of the country and every “non-woke” citizen depends on it.  In my opinion, it all does.

There is a “Deep State” and it’s panicked that We the People just might reelect its arch-enemy Donald Trump, so much so that its members are openly bragging about how they will sabotage a second Trump term.  Clearly, President Trump is a clear and present danger to the Deep State, also known as the “Administrative State,” which is a clear and present danger to our constitutional republic and the rights it exists to secure to We the People and our posterity.

Donald Trump and all who support him are all that stands between what America is and always has been and those who would affect the “fundamental transformation” openly trumpeted by Barak Obama.  Given that fundamental transformation is fundamentally and unmistakenly Marxist and subservient to the globalists who are eager to erase national borders, identity and self-governance, I will stand with Donald Trump.

The campaign against him in our state is, in my opinion, fundamentally dishonest.  Poll after poll demonstrates that NH Republicans are overwhelmingly supportive of President Trump’s campaign.  But, in New Hampshire, undeclared voters are allowed to vote in party primaries.  This year, because President Biden has spurned the primary, the objective of the Haley campaign, led by Gov. Sununu, is to “embarrass Trump” by having Democrat-leaning undeclared voters cast their ballot for Haley, who’s polls with NH Republicans are on a cruise with the Tidy Bowl Man.

Once the campaign moves on from New Hampshire, it goes to states where undeclared voters are not allowed to participate in primaries, like in South Carolina where Trump’s lead in Real Clear Politics polling average is more than 30 points ahead of Haley, its former governor.  Haley’s campaign has become little more than an unprincipled attempt to gather Never Trumpers, globalist elites and Democrats who would reinforce the political status quo that’s not just abandoned, but oppressed, working class Americans to advance a political agenda that’s determined rob everyday people of their rights and livelihoods for no other reason than to accumulate power to themselves for their own purposes.

Finally, results matter.

From border security to the economy, from trade to foreign relations, from judicial appointments to social issues, from taxes to spending, from national security to world peace, is there any doubt that America was better off under President Trump and the America First agenda than it’s been under President Biden and the globalist agenda?  It’s nothing short of amazing that he sealed the border, cut taxes, reformed the judiciary, concluded multiple Middle East peace agreements (The Abraham Accords), got NATO to honor its defense obligations, reformed major trade agreements, rebuilt the military, rejuvenated the economy, led us to energy independence, dramatically reduced the regulatory burden on businesses, started no-new military conflicts while bringing several “forever wars” to an end, put China on its heels and OOOHHH soo much more-all while being persecuted by lying Democrats and the ridiculous investigations conducted in wake of their wretchedly false accusations.

Having been there, Donald Trump knows what needs to be done.  More importantly, experience being something one gets right after it’s needed, Donald Trump better knows how to drain the swamp, whose mighty creatures, now including Nikki Haley, have continued their relentless assault.

Send a message to those in power that we will stand for ourselves, our freedoms and the Republic created to protect both.  Join me in voting for President Donald Trump in the NH Primary on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Thank you.

~Richard H. Girard

PS:  The idea that he can’t win in November is undercut by the degree to which his opponents have desperately tried to kick him of state ballots across the country, in addition to everything else.  If he’s that weak, why not pave the way for his candidacy?