Professional Out-Of-State Campaign Worker caught voting from 436 Walnut St. in Manchester Ward 1

By Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and former anchor of the Girard At Large A Question of Voter Fraud segment.  This post was concurrently submitted to Girard At Large and, which was first to publish.  We have made edits to the original.  

Meet Lavanya Prabhakar of 877 DEPOT RD, BOXBOROUGH, MA, 01719 which, it looks like, she shares with her sister.  No problem with that.

Second confirmed out of state voter found

Currently, Lavanya looks like she is working on a political campaign, with two other young ladies, from the second floor of 436 Walnut St., Manchester, NH.  There is a Kavanaugh sign up there in the window.

I checked with the Boxborough, MA Town Clerk and she emailed me Lavanya Prabhakar’s voter history.  She is listed as “active” and could walk in and vote in Boxborough from the Depot Rd. address.  She could also vote by absentee ballot.  Here’s her voter registration information and history:

Voter Id  06 PLA1997001 I  PRABHAKAR, LAVANYA

Election Type Election Date Party Voted City Town Voted





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Lavanya appears to be driving a car with MA plates.  It is seen parked outside the 436 Walnut St. rental.  The license plate cover is from a Honda dealer 16 miles from Boxborough.   

So far, Lavanya Prabhakar has found one thing she can do to attempt to become a domiciled inhabitant of our state.  She found a way to register to vote absentee on August 6, 2020. That is what some Sen. Martha Fuller-Clark’s transient Obama workers did before they left for home.  See: Arkansas Attorney, Bryan Gregory Griffith. 

From the Manchester, NH, Ward1 Absentee Ballot checklist for the November 3, 2020 election:

300577971 PRABHAKAR, LAVANYA 436 WALNUT ST 01 DEM 08/06/2020

My sources say Lavanya Prabhakar also voted in the NH Presidential Primary on Feb. 11, 2020.

From what was sent to me by the Boxborough Town Clerk, the last time Lavanya voted in Boxborough, Ma. was in an August 4, 2018 primary. That seems like plenty of time to register a car, get a NH license, return your MA plates to the MA DMV and make some effort to show you are a legally domiciled NH inhabitant.

There is the problem. If you are a person with a history of transient campaign work, five months here, five months there, and you have Massachusetts plates on your car and are registered to vote in Massachusetts – it doesn’t look like you abandoned your previous domicile. See: Newburger v. Peterson 1972.

If you are living, for months, in a rental unit with two other transient campaign workers it appears, once again, there was no abandonment of the previous domicile or vehicle registration. This shouldn’t be so hard for a professional campaign worker to figure out. 

Its this simple. You can’t make a person stay in NH after they voted or prevent them from voting because they intend to leave. See: “Newburger” and the “Dunn” case –

But you can hold transient voters to the laws currently on our books – if the NH AG or the NH Dept. of Motor Vehicles is inclined to.

From Lavanya’s LinkedIn page:

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