This guest blog is provided by Cheryl Anderson, a Pinardville resident and member of the Plan Pinardville Ad Hoc Committee.

Victory  For The People Of Pinardville!

On September 12th, the Planning Board listened to numerous residents of Goffstown, most of whom live in the Pinardville sector, who were concerned about Plan Pinardville.  Despite the pouring rain,  attendance was so high that a second room was set up with speakers and a television, thanks to Selectman Mark Lemay, so the meeting could be watched by all. 

John Hikel, the Chair, made certain that all members of the community were able to speak their mind, even though it meant the meeting ran for 4 hours.  These residents spoke articulately and concisely, giving the Planning Board many reasons why Plan Pinardville was not in the best interests of the community. 

Kudos to Mark Warden, Richard Meaney, Chris Nadeau and John Hikel for their strong and persuasive statements in opposition to Plan Pinardville during the deliberation period. Mark Warden made a motion that Plan Pinardville should not be adopted as part of the Goffstown Master Plan.  Richard Meaney seconded with a minor amendment to the wording of the motion.  A vote was taken and Plan Pinardville was sent to the grave where it belongs! 

State Representative John Burt gave the clarion call to rally the troops, the residents put their collective feet down, the Planning Board listened and sanity prevailed.  This just goes to show that the people can effect change. We can influence what happens and be in charge of our own future as a community if we band together. 

Let’s keep it up.  Remain focused on what is happening in town meetings.  Speak up via a letter, e-mail, phone call or (better yet) personal appearance.  WE MUST STAY ACTIVELY INVOLVED.

Cheryl Anderson, Pinardville resident