Brian O'Keefe(Hour 1c, 2a)

(Hour 1c) Sgt. Brian O’Keefe from the Manchester Police Department filled in for Jim Gaudet for our Public Safety segment.  And what a Public Safety segment it was!

O’Keefe detailed recent events in Manchester involving the dangerous potpourri drug called “Spice” that led to several overdoses and the shutting down of three Queen City convenience stores.

O’Keefe set the record straight on who ordered the convenience stores closed (it was NOT the MPD) and the serious public safety concerns that caused severe actions in Manchester and Concord.

(Hour 2a) O’Keefe explained the dangers of “Spice” and the shell game that manufacturers of the drug play with chemicals to make it “legal.”

O’Keefe addressed the wider drug problem and the MPD’s ongoing efforts in the battle against drugs.