NH State Senator Jeb Bradley(Hour 3b, c)

(Hour 3b) NH State Senator Jeb Bradley called in from the campaign for an informative segment on NH Medicaid Expansion.

Our humble host isn’t on the same page with Bradley on the issue, and a terrific example of LIVE, LOCAL radio ensued with the GOP leader of the NH Senate.

Bradley discussed the problem of uncompensated care and his support for the two and a half year pilot program that must be reauthorized in order for it to continue past 2017.

(Hour 3c) Bradley addressed unintended consequences of government programs and debated Rich on the hard decisions he feels had to be made.  “The problems had to be addressed.  We could not bury our heads in the sand.”

Bradley also addressed NH’s dreadful economy, eyeing spending increases in Concord and his hopes for a new Governor Elect in November.