Superintendent Metzler: question him at your own risk!

Superintendent Metzler:  Question him at your own risk!

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(Hour 1b) Elected officials having to deal with Timberlane RSD Superintendent Earl Metzler are undoubtedly well aware that questioning Super Earl will not get you invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

TRSD School Board member Rob Collins probably will, though, based on his email requesting that the Sandown Board of Selectmen remove Cindy Buco from from the district’s CIP Committee.

Rob’s reason?  Buco’s appearance on the Girard at Large Show.

What a turkey!  Read more in the On Air News Read

(Hour 2a) We played Part II of our interview with Sandown Selectman Cindy Buco from November 28th that got Buco “uninvited” in Timberlane.

Buco: “Enough Already” at Timberlane Regional SD

(Hour 2b) Rich had some choice words for the Superintendent of Timberlane and his turkey-basting buddy, Rob Collins.