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Donna Green faces TRSD legal threats

(Hour 2b) Donna Green is once again on the legal hit list for the Timberlane Regional School District.  Unfortunately, this in-fighting is being funded by the taxpayers.  Donna is fighting all of the charges and Rich detailed...

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Lawlessness in Timberlane

(Hour 3a) Is the Timberlane Regional School Board acting lawlessly?  Our Humble Host sure thinks so.  Why won’t Timberlane release to Danville the number of students in their town and where they live?  The amount of...

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Nice work (if you can get it)

(Hour 1b) Dr. Earl Metzler seems to be doing well these days.  How well?  Listen in to find out! This begs the question:  “Does big money equal excellence?”  Is being the second highest paid superintendent in New...

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