Soucy:  Don't touch!

Soucy: Don’t touch!

Manchester Public Health Director Timothy Soucy has issued a memorandum to all outdoor athletic league officials in the city advising them to check for hypodermic needles on their fields and to notify the Health or Fire departments if they are found.  Recent discoveries at city athletic fields have caused concerns over player and spectator safety.  In the memo, Soucy says the spent needles are an unfortunate consequence of the heroin epidemic that’s gripped the state and says that being stuck by a needle can lead to serious disease even if there are no fluids left in the syringe.  We’ve published the memo with all the dos and do nots in its entirety at Girard at Large dot com and linked to it from this news read.  Among them is do not pick them up.  Rather cover them so they’re conspicuous and no longer exposed, then call Health or Fire departments so trained personnel with proper disposal containers can come and take care of it.

MPD:  Scheduling car seat safety inspections

MPD: Scheduling car seat safety inspections

Dartmouth-Hitchcock is hosting a Child Safety Seat Inspection Saturday May thirtieth from 9 to 2 at its clinic location on Hitchcock Way in Manchester.  This event is sponsored by the Manchester Police Department and CHaD.  It is by appointment only and offers free child finger printing.  To reserve your safety seat inspection appointment, contact Manchester Police Officer Mark Aquino at 7 9 2 5 4 4 7


Bike Rodeo coming to town.

The Bedford Police Department will be hosting its fourth Annual Bicycle Rodeo on Sunday, May 31st from ten to Noon in the upper parking lot of the Bedford High School.  Police personnel will be on hand to provide guidance on bicycle safety. Representatives of a local bike shop will be providing a free professional inspection to determine if your bicycle is safe to ride.  The event will include obstacle courses for young riders which are designed to teach important safety skills.  Pizza and beverages will be provided free of charge.  The B P D invites you to come out and join them for this fun filled event where you can also meet Bedford police officers.

Candia, Deerfield, Northwoond and Nottingham vote for State Rep. today

Candia, Deerfield, Northwoond and Nottingham vote for State Rep. today

A special note to our listeners in Candia, Deerfield, Nottingham and Northwood.  There’s a special election in your towns today for state representative.  Reminder:  Republican candidate Yvonne Dean-Bailey did not withdraw from the race.  That press release was a criminal hoax courtesy of Democratic Party activist and Maureen Mann campaing operative Carl Gibson, which we wrote about and discussed yesterday.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Ayotte:  Off with his head!

Ayotte: Off with his head!

Well, it appears as if Senator Kelly Ayotte can’t wait for First District Congressman Frank Guinta to re-file his financial disclosure forms to determine whether or not he’s been truthful about how he’s handled his campaign finances.  She called for Guinta’s resignation yesterday and while some of us predicted she’d be quick to proverbially drive a bus over Guinta, her pronouncement that he should resign because that’s what she would do caused a social media backlash against her.

Guinta:  Won't be stepping down.

Guinta: Won’t be stepping down.

For his part Guinta, who was our guest yesterday morning, responded with a statement saying he understood Ayotte’s disappointment with the issue and that he shared her frustration.  Quote “I have been proactive in showing the documentation proving the assets in question were mine.  I have apologized for the error on my part, made myself available for press inquiries and attended several events over the weekend.  I will continue to meet with, listen to and serve Granite Staters of the First Congressional District.”

NH GOP:  No further action

NH GOP: No further action

House Speaker Shawn Jasper also called for Guinta to resign, but after an emergency meeting, the Republican State Committee issued a statement thanking Guinta for taking time to answer their questions, acknowledging he made mistakes, taking responsibility and acting on the settlement with FEC.  Quote “Congressman Guinta is accountable to his constituents in the First District and has assured us he will continue to be available to answer their questions.  Unless further information comes to light, the Executive Committee of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, will take no further action.”

Buco:  To investigate separating Sandown from Timberlane

Buco: To investigate separating Sandown from Timberlane

Not content to let the Timberlane Regional School Board handle the voter approved study committee to review leaving the district, the Sandown Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a motion to establish a so called “minority study committee” under RSA 195:25 to study the feasibility and suitability of Sandown withdrawing from the Timberlane Regional School District.  According to a blog post by Timberlane School Board member Donna Green, who represents Sandown, the minority committee will do its own study while the “majority committee” made up of selectmen and school board members of all four towns in the district goes about its study.

Gorman:  On study committee

Gorman: On study committee

The selectmen appointed:  Selectman Cindy Buco, Sandown Budget Committee member Tony Piemonte, Green, Timberlane Budget Committee member Cathy Gorman, Town Moderator Bruce Cleveland, and residents Lisa Tapley, Paula Martin and Michael Constanzo to the committee.

Buco said she will hold the initial organizing meeting tomorrow night at 7 in Sandown Town Hall.  Both majority and minority reports must be submitted to the state Board of Education by early November, 2015.  If a plan to withdraw is approved by the voters as well as by the Board of Education, the earliest Sandown could withdraw from the Timberlane school district would be July 1, 2017.

Metzler:  Why leave?  Don't they get how wonderful I am?

Metzler: Why leave? Don’t they get how wonderful I am?

I guess Sandown didn’t get that press release about what a marvelous job Superintendent Earl Metzler was doing in announcing his big bonus and prodigious pay raise.  Why would any town want to look into leaving all that behind?

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!