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On Air News Read for November 17, 2017

The town of Amherst has announced Town Hall will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.  Business as usual will resume on Monday the twenty seventh.  They even created this cool flayer to make the announcement.  We’ve got it with this news read at Girard at Large dot com in case you want to take a look. In wake of yesterday’s vote in the House of Representatives to reform the income tax code, First District congressional candidate Senator Andy Sanborn, Republican from Bedford, sent out a statement praising the bill.  Sanborn said the bill, which proposes the first...

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On Air News Read for October 24, 2017

Governor Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Homeland Security Director Perry Plummer will officially send-off the donations collected during the governor’s Puerto Rico Aid Drive, which was held on October third and fourth.  You might recall that Sununu encouraged Granite Staters to leave food on the State House Lawn during those two days.  Well, a lot of folks left a lot of food.  Sununu and Plummer will be surrounded by nearly five hundred pallets of goods, FEMA trucks, and state employees at the Department of Transportation Warehouse on Stickney Ave.  There will, of course, be some speechifying before the stores...

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On Air News Read for October 10. 2017

New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald will hold a press briefing this morning regarding the arrest warrant issued for thirty one year old Viterbo Enrique-Minaya a k a Francisco Rodriguez-Benitez, formerly of Lawrence, MA.  Minaya is accused of selling the fentanyl that  Brandon Laurion of Rochester, NH overdosed with late last October.  The A G said Minaya first sold the fentanyl which Laurion used to Amber Nicholson in Lawrence.  According to a press release issued yesterday, this is the first case where a drug dealer operating out of state has been charged in connection with a drug overdose death...

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The Candia School Board and Changing Gender Identities

(Hours 1a,2a,b) Rich started the show by talking about the Candia School Board meeting regarding their transgendered policy.  He brought the listeners up to speed with the events that lead to tonight’s meeting and spoke about the ever-increasing amount of gender identities that are being recognized.   (Hour 2a) Rich pointed out what’s wrong with what the Candia School Board did and talked about repercussions for those who acted against the wishes of their constituents.  He then shared his thoughts about the prohibition on school officials telling parents about the behavior of their children in the school and discussed the...

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Gender Discrimination: Transgender Policy in Candia and Amherst

(Hours 1b,c,2a) Rich talked to the listeners about a policy in Amherst, which is allowing a girl to join a boy’s sports team and dress with them in the locker room.  He also spoke about a controversy surrounding a Tweet from the Candia School Board concerning flipping a vote to save the transgendered policy.  He then pointed out the dishonesty coming from the School Board and pondered the motivation of Freedom New Hampshire, an out of state organization that is getting involved in the matter. (Hour 1c) Rich read from the transgendered policy within Candia, adding his own commentary as...

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Bedford Cell Tower Update and Local Government Frustruates Public Involvement

(Hour 3a) Rich started the hour by giving the listeners an update on the cell tower controversy that occurred in Bedford.  He and Jacob (Fred the Intern) then discussed communities within the Granite State which tend to keep the public in the dark.  They also spoke about a school bake sale restriction, the elimination of a public comment slot within local government meeting in Weare, gave an update on Milford’s burning permit prohibition and more.  Tune in to get all of the details....

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On Air News Read for April 20, 2017

The Manchester Board of School Committee met in special session last night to consider the first in a series of redistricting recommendations made by Superintendent Dr. Bolgen Vargas.  Pursuant to a directive issued by the board last November, Vargas developed recommendations that realigned the so called feeder pattern that determined where kids would go to middle and high school based on where they went to elementary school.  Currently, middle and high school students assigned largely based on where they live, not where they go to elementary school. Concerns were aired over the recommendations failure to channel all of the...

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On Air News Read for March 16, 2017

It’s Town Election Day for Bedford and Candia today.  Election officials in both towns postponed Tuesday’s elections until today due to the Attack of Snowzilla.  Voters will go to the polls on both town and school district matters, including races for school board, town council and board of selectmen.  Polls are open in Bedford from seven to seven and in Candia from six to seven. The town of Auburn has released its election results from Tuesday, the original Election Day.  In the only contested races on the ballot for elective office, David Dion beat Michael Rolfe for a seat...

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On Air News Read for March 14, 2017

The town of Bedford put a Winter Parking Ban in effect last night.  Any vehicle left in the road overnight is subject to removal and a parking fine.  It also announced that the town’s offices and library will be closed today.  Assuming we all survive the Attack of Snowzilla, everything will be reopened tomorrow. Also in Bedford, Town Moderator Brian Shaughnessy announced that, quote, “after much consideration and discussion,” he has elected to postpone the town and school elections originally scheduled for today to Thursday from 7  to 7  at Bedford High.  We’ve been advised that anyone who cannot...

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On Air News Read for March 13, 2017

The Manchester Fire Department released the latest statistics on the opioid epidemic in the Queen City.  According to the stats released by Emergency Medical Services Officer Christopher Hickey, it would appear as if things continue to trend in a better direction.  Safe Station visits continue to draw people from all over New Hampshire, New England and beyond.  Of the approximately two hundred fifty visitors to Manchester fire stations since January first, seventy nine, or approximately one third, have been Queen City residents.  The rest have come from sixty three other Granite State cities and towns and thirteen communities in...

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