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Tag: Mental health

The Legality/Illegality of Mental Health Treatment for Students in the Merrimack School District

Based on this article in the Manchester Union Leader, I filed a Right-to-Know Request with the Superintendent in Merrimack.   Please see the e-mails below: September 4, 2018 FROM: Ann Marie Banfield <[email protected]> TO: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Dear Superintendent Chaifery,   Based on this article in the Manchester Union Leader, your school district is actively engaging students in social and emotional learning (SEL) Second Step .  In accordance with RSA 91-as a Right to Know Request, I am requesting the following information:   1) The name/link to the vendor who is providing the materials for screenings,...

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On Air News Read for May 22, 2017

On Friday morning, the Bedford Police Department recovered a skimming device (pictured above) from an A T M.  The skimmer was in a drive through A T M at the Service Credit Union located on Colby Court.  Officers  determined that the skimming device, which transmits card-holder data electronically to a remote location, was placed inside the A T M at approximately 3:19 on Thursday morning, May 18th, based on surveillance footage that showed the camera being covered up by the suspect.  That means anybody who used that machine on Thursday or Friday before it was discovered likely had their information...

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WARNING to NH TEACHERS: Will you be evaluated on your students’ mental health?

The Common Core education reform required states to tie a teacher’s evaluation to standardized testing. This was done by the former Obama administration who used the power of the federal government to tell local school districts how to evaluate their teachers. Teachers across the country revolted for good reason. Telling teachers to use dumbed down Common Core standards and providing a controversial Smarter Balanced Assessment was a set up for failure and they knew it. Teachers in New Hampshire were warning parents how this abuse in testing was harmful to children and early childhood experts explained how all of this...

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