Gatsas Announces Decision on 2012 Run for Governor

MANCHESTER, NH – Mayor Ted Gatsas announced today that he has decided  against running for Governor of New Hampshire in the upcoming 2012  election. Manchester residents elected Gatsas to his second term as  Mayor this past November by a record margin.

Gatsas said, “My family and I were humbled by the outpouring of  encouragement and support from Republicans, Independents and Democrats  throughout the state to seek the Governorship and we believe that we  would have run a viable winning campaign.  However after careful  consideration, I have decided that now is not the right time for me to  seek statewide office.”

“At the very heart of this decision is my deep and unwavering  affection for the Queen City and my commitment to the success of her  future.  Since I took my first oath of office in January 2010 I have  worked hard to Build a Better Manchester; I remain true to this  mission by working each and every day on behalf of the residents of  Manchester.  While Manchester has been able to weather the storm of  the economic downturn we are not out of the woods.”

“As Mayor I pledged to get Manchester’s fiscal house in order.  The  2013 budget that I will present on Thursday, March 22nd is essential  to the cities financial viability and will require 100% of my  attention in the months ahead.”

Also at the core of this decision are the students of Manchester.  One of the biggest perks of being Mayor is visiting with city students  and celebrating their achievements.  I am a product of the Manchester  schools and I believe that they are amongst the very best in the  state.  The place where I will have the greatest impact on our  students and city schools is in the Mayor’s Office and in my continued  capacity as Chairman of the School Board.

“I would like to thank everyone that has supported me as I made this  decision and thank the residents of the City of Manchester for  allowing me the privilege to serve as Mayor.”