map_of_hooksett_nh(Hour 1b) The fun continues at the Hooksett School Board as they cancelled a special meeting that was supposed to address dealings with Manchester schools.

6-24-2013 Hour 1b

It seems that the premature adjourning of their meeting on June 18th led to the cancellation of a meeting scheduled for June 27th to inform the public about where the town was with the Breach of Contract issues with Manchester. Vice Chairman David Pearl had made board authorized arrangements to schedule the meeting.  However, since the format of the meeting, which was on the agenda for the 18th wasn’t determined and nobody knew how it was going to happen, Pearl cancelled the meeting.

Pearl said he wasn’t given authorization to complete the process and therefore couldn’t hold the meeting, noting that an individual cannot schedule or cancel meetings.  Board Chair Trisha Korkosz, whose rash action adjourning the meeting precipitated this event, accused Pearl of cancelling the meeting out of spite in reaction to that board meeting.  Why she as chair simply doesn’t call a meeting, which is well within her prerogative, is beyond me.

Before all this, though, the G@L Team says goodbye to Doc Rivers! He will certainly be missed.