Will Infantine(Hour 3b, c) Former Chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee Will Infantine joined us for a shockingly blunt interview about politics in the Queen City.  “I am done,” proclaimed Will, “with City politics that have become a cesspool.  It’s getting really dirty out there.  It’s garbage.”  After 10 years in politics, he’s ready to move on and “go swim with sharks somewhere, because that would be alot more fun.”  Will also discussed specific threats and episodes of sign-stealing and destruction, the tug of war inside City Hall and Republicans not showing up to vote on Election Day.  “Alot of people can’t be bothered to vote.”  A simple reality that frustrates him more than maybe any other political circumstance.  Victoria Sullivan, who ran for alderman in Ward 9, called in to express her sorrow on Will’s decision.  “This is what’s wrong with politics in this country.  Will was such a help to us newcomers (to the campaign trail).”