11-28-2013 News

The war of words in Hooksett continues as school board member John Lyscars sent an email blasting Board Chair Trisha Korkosz yesterday for grandstanding and telling untrue statements to the public about the calling of Tuesday night’s special meeting.  A clearly rankled Lyscars accused Korkosz of putting herself on a pedestal by trying to smear the reputations of fellow board members by accusing them of having an illegal online meeting over whether or not to have a the special meeting at all.  Personally, what I want to know is how does she get away with saying the other guys were violating the Right to Know Law by having an online meeting when they were replying to her email about whether or not they should have one.  Oh My HEAD!  Right to Know issues have been big in Hooksett, by the way, as Town Administrator Dean Shankle recently took a couple of department heads, including town planner Joanne Duffy, to the woodshed for violating it. We’ve linked to two videos from that contentious school board meeting, the first showing the discussion over the illegal meeting and the second showing the discussion where the board voted to not inform parents how their kids could apply to Pembroke Academy.

And, while we’re on the topic of Right to Know, Board Vice Chairman David Pearl has alleged the S A U school board, which is comprised of the school board members from Hooksett, Candia and Auburn violated the R T K statute by appointing a subcommittee that took action without ever posting a meeting to discuss the action taken.  Board Members Nicole LaFlamme of Candia and Chris Trickett of Auburn were appointed to look into administrator claims that too many emails were affecting their health.  The result  was a letter from the district’s attorney on how to reduce the number of email.  Pearl says that constitutes the creation of a sub committee and wants to know how money got spent on that given there’s no public record of any meeting.

Meanwhile, Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas said in his weekly interview yesterday that Hooskett might look around and find that Manchester’s not an option for their kids anymore.  The mayor said the city’s done it’s best to work with folks in Hooksett and address their needs, but that their attempts to negotiate contracts and other agreements could constitute interference with the settlement agreement.  Gatsas didn’t sound like a guy who wasn’t expecting Hooksett to forward the required estimated number of students that would be attending Manchester schools by December first either.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

A crime wave continues to batter the little town of Candia in the Manchester area.  Police there reported they issued one hundred and fifty three motor vehicle warnings and eight summonses last month.  There were also nine arrests on a variety of charges including Disobeying an Officer, drunk driving, and Vehicular Assault.  We’ve posted the gruesome details with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn called on Congresswoman Annie Kuster to denounce Manchester State Rep. Peter Sullivan Democrat from Ward 3 for using sexist language and imagery against Second District Congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia, a Republican State Rep from Salem. In a series of tweets, Sullivan attacked Garcia by comparing her to reality TV star Kim Kardashian  “For too long women in our society have been judged by their appearance rather than their accomplishments and made subject to the ignorant assaults of men like Peter Sullivan. If our daughters are to have any chance of pursuing their dreams in a society that is free of fabricated limitations and unjust personal assaults then so-called leaders like Representative Annie Kuster must call upon her fellow Democrats to put an end to their offensive and chauvinistic rhetoric.”

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